We Celebrated Our 5th Year Together!

I didn’t realize that my last post was in December! Did January, February and soon March just fly past me? I somehow think so! 😛

If you don’t know from Facebook, Calvin and I have started a blog together over at http://www.IMLoveBirds.com which is on internet marketing as well as an update on what we are doing in the IM scene. We’ve covered content of a whole variety and even on keeping your success journal! That’s garnered a ton of blog comments!

It’s more updated than this personal blog of mine OR the ‘dusty and mouldy’ personal blog of Calvin’s.. hahaha.. 😀

But nonetheless, do check back here because I love to share my personal stories over here.

So anyway, the highlight for us recently is the fact that we celebrated our 5th year together! We are still dating!


A lot of people thought that we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary from my facebook updates and I got people wishing me over Skype, “Here’s wishing you and your hubby forever love!” Haha.. That’s so embarrassing!

We’ve had a good laugh over it and well, yup, we’re still dating and happily dating. Though of course, we do want to settle down some time soon when the Lord has it planned for us. 🙂

To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, Calvin and I went for a movie at GV Vivo Gold Class (for non-Singaporeans, it’s a posh movie theatre which has plush couches and personalized service). We watched King’s Speech and well, we concluded that it was not a great date movie. Haha.. 😀 But nonetheless, I had a good laugh, Calvin had a good sleep.



This was followed by dinner at a Spanish restaurant called Serenity which was in the same mall. The food was great! I love Spanish food (or so I realized that day) we had tapas, Paella and who can forget glasses of wine and Sangria~ Certainly delightful!



Calvin was a true-blue romantic as he ordered a bouquet of roses and carnations for me which look so lovely!


By the way, the picture is a candid shot ok!

This journey of 5 years has been amazing for the both of us and we recounted the days back in University to the days now where we are working on the business together. It’s funny how we managed to get through everything together.

We can only thank God for His goodness and His blessings upon us.

In this 5 years, we recounted highlights of our relationship which include:

#1 Getting a car

#2 Going on holidays together

#3 Being featured on a newspaper cover together

#4 Appearing on TV

#5 Building up multiple online businesses

#6 Setting up a company and an office

#7 Going through the difficulties and challenges of running the business

#8 Growing deeper in our Christian faith

#9 Graduating together

#10 Building our future together

It’s been amazing!

Now, we get this question from our friends many times.

“You both are so sweet! How do you keep it together?”

I have to say, a lot of determination, , compromise, tolerance, understanding and most importantly, LOVE. In fact, it’s unconditional love. There’s no secret to our success. If there has to be one, then it’s our Lord Jesus — He taught me how to be patient, wise and how to love unconditionally. 🙂

We definitely have our arguments, disagreements and even fights. But at the end of the day, I guess it’s knowing that you both just want the best for each other that makes you “retreat” and then listen to each other.

Before I end off this post, just want to thank Calvin for being such a great partner and boyfriend all this while.

~*I love you loads Calvin!*~ 😛

2 responses to “We Celebrated Our 5th Year Together!”

  1. Tebza Avatar

    u two seem to really have it all !! great food, wine, luxurious movies, roses, all the good things life offers. wish u were my girlfriend too patricia.. guess i am too late! well, enjoy the happy times, wishing u well, Tebza 🙂

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Tebza,

    Thanks a lot for your well wishes! Sorry that my reply came this late! 🙂

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