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Seducing Mr. Perfect

March 10, 2007

Haha.. Gosh, actually this post is about this Korean movie that Calvin and I caught yesterday in celebration of our 1st year anniversary. It’s a romantic comedy was really heart-warming, sweet and gosh.. the male lead, Daniel Henney was sooo attractive.. to the female lead that is!So here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure! 😉 It’s a really nice movie which I think couples and guys in particular should just watch it because they should pick up the romantic stuff that Daniel Henney he says…

Well, check out the trailer of the movie here :

I’m sure a lot of the single ladies are so smitten by the character of Daniel Henney – Robin Heiden. And they would love the chance to seduce Mr. Perfect and hopefully snag him. But well life and people are not sooo perfect. So, let’s not be sooo ambitious to want to seduce the perfect man. How about just attracting/ seducing your ideal guy? Haha.. 😛

Well, your success depends on what type of men you are attracted to. And we are going to look at a few types.

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