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10 ECO Things To Do!

May 12, 2007

I was clearing the junk in my room and just trying to create a more condusive environment for me to work in. I came across this interesting list of 10 ECO THINGS TO DO that was given out to me, I think during my Freshmen Orientation days at NUS by the NUSSU Students Against Violation of the Earth (NUSSU-SAVE).

I thought it was a list worth sharing, so here I am!

Sometimes, it’s really important to understand how our actions and what we do to protect the environment, will lead to in the future – and mostly importantly, the consequences. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we have a part to play in protecting our eco-system and making sure that we hold ourselves responsible for whatever damage that we cause.

Here are 10 simple ways for you to implement into your daily lives and help stop global warming, deforestation etc etc…

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