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Back in 2006, Singapore Didn’t Believe in Making Money Online!

December 10, 2010

Earlier I was browsing some people’s blog (mainly Singaporean internet marketers) and it’s amazing to see how many of them have accomplished something for themselves – running coaching programs, setting up their own profitable online businesses etc. I have without a doubt, respect for these people who have carved something online for themselves.

Back in 2006-2007, that was when Calvin and I started out and frankly the local internet marketing circle was much smaller because everyone was more cautious and fearful that everything’s a scam. Back then, we went on TV and the newspaper to share the concept of internet marketing and making money online and even publicly stated, we aspire to make 10k per month via the internet! Who at that time would have thought it was possible? Even the newspaper reporter said, “That’s inspiring!” but of course, she didn’t really think it was possible.

People thought we were just a “one hit wonder” and just felt that it was just a fad. Well, it doesn’t help that we both are quite *shy* people and we’ve just quietly worked on our business, letting our results tell our story. And we’ve never gone publicly about our business or done any form of coaching etc. until our Accelerated Blogging Profits workshop in October.

Fast forward to today, It’s 2010. Right now, blogshops are common. People are making money online one way or another, or at least, they are finding out how to. And we’ve established our internet marketing company for more than a year. 🙂

And to tell you the truth, now the Singaporean internet marketing community is getting bigger and getting more competitive. Like it or not, people are out there doing the same things, running the same courses and basically selling the same stuff. But it’s a matter of how they do it. And I’ve seen some pretty good stuff happening around.

It has been extremely rewarding for me to see how the industry has evolved since late 2006. And it also marks a point of time for reflection for me on how I can do better in this business and to continue my journey towards financial freedom and abundance with the help of the Internet. 🙂


If you are also running your own online business/ in internet marketing and would like to share your own thoughts about the local industry or to network, do leave a comment here! 🙂 Would love to hear about your experience with internet marketing! Cheers!


The 4th Anniversary of Our First Meeting

August 21, 2009

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the day God introduced me and Calvin to each other in His own special way.

4 years ago.

20th August 2005.

Tanah Merah MRT.


A Jack Russell.

A Taxi Cab.(with 2 jokers)



Other people who were ‘part of it’ include: Weixiong, Shiva and NUS BizCom ’05/06 Freshmen Orientation people

Friends who are close to us would know of the mysterious way God worked to let us know each other. It seemed planned yet seemed all a coincidence. But of course, we like to believe that God was our ‘matchmaker’ and pulled the strings to bring us to where we are today.

4 years ago, we wouldn’t have thought we would be here we are today. It’s amazing. In 4 years, we’ve graduated, travelled together to South Korea & Mauritius, registered 2 companies, made the headlines of a local paper, got on TV and got our own office. The road has been an awesome one and I just know it’s going to get more exciting. We have gotten our office space in a prime location just outside of the CBD (details will be revealed closer to October) and we’re looking forward to setting the office up and moving in by the first week of October.

Designing is in its way with me drawing and erasing on the floor plan. It’s a really fun process and at the same time, it just made us realize how important it is for us to plan our steps ahead and to look forward to the things that are going to happen for us. Though I do not deny that I do have my worries and fears but having them doesn’t solve any problem. The only way is to just move forward and push for our dreams and success.

At 18 years old back then, i never dreamt of owning my own company and office. Today at 23 years old, I can only say that my faith in God and the people around me brought me to where I am today. I know that ‘the best is yet to be’ (my favourite motto ever since my 1st 3 months stint at ACJC longgg time ago) and I’m just getting ready for the best ride I’m ever going to have.

I’ve made a commitment to actually update my blog more regularly in order to make sure that people do know what’s happening to us. Because I hate to have that feeling that people think our newspaper feature is just a one-time publicity stint. It’s not. We are now a full-fledged Internet Marketing company since 2007 and we are looking to establish our presence even more so now. 🙂

So stay tuned to Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin! 😀

Work From Home Singaporeans

Do You Want To Work From Home?

April 5, 2009

Do you want to work from home?

Do you want to earn some extra money from the comforts of your home?

Are you looking for alternative sources of income?

Are you hit by the recession and looking for avenues of income?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions, I know that what I’m going to suggest to you is going to help you. If not in the short term, it will help you in the long run because you are going to learn how to sustain yourself financially in these tough economic times with the help of the internet.

I have finally launched Work From Home Singaporeans site together with Calvin and it has been live since the 10th of March! And the response has been overwhelming and our membership is going strong.

Work From Home Singaporeans | Internet Marketing Singapore

If you are not sure whether this site is for you, I just want to ask, “Do you know what are the benefits of working from home?”

1. Flexibility – Work the hours that you want
2. Control your income – You can determine how much you earn. The more effort you put in, the more you stand to earn.
3. Choose to do what you like to do – you can select the work that you are interested in

and there’s so many more which will be revealed in the site…

This website is going to be a site for people who are looking to learn more about working from home. You will get to know like-minded people who are doing so and even venturing to build up a successful online business. There’s a lot for people to learn and through the free audio training program that I and Calvin have planned, you will learn a lot on ways to earn money online, how to find freelancing jobs online, how to build up your very own online business and much much more.

The purpose of the website is to share with people our knowledge in the field of internet marketing and also to extend to people out there, our helping hand during this times of economic instability and recession.

Work From Home Singaporeans is made for people, whether old or young, who are looking to increase their monthly income in ways that allow them to work from the comforts of their home.

We DID NOT set up a scam or get quick rich website. We are young Singaporeans who truly want to help fellow Singaporeans in this difficult times of belt-tightening and financial turmoil. There are no strings attached for joining our site. So, just join it with an open heart and mind and be prepared to learn so much more than what textbooks and encyclopedias can teach you about making money through the internet.

Just click here to join!

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Singaporean Internet Marketers Exposed?!

July 17, 2007

Well, when I saw my name under the list, I was surprised. In fact, I was even thinking perhaps that was the reason why I got the attention of a local newspaper. But nonetheless, I’m flattered by the attention that has been lavished on myself and also on Calvin these days by the people around us.

But anyhow, the fact is the number of people who are into internet marketing in Singapore has risen and though many would say that it would mean increasing competition for me and the industry locally, I would beg to differ. Internet Marketing is a huge industry which everyone can have a share of and I’m really glad that it’s slowly catching on amongst the youth in Singapore. And I would definitely want to meet local marketers and perhaps get to know more about what they want to do and their future plans.

For instance, one of our future plans (for myself and Calvin), we are creating products and our membership site, Kanggie which we envision to be a great internet marketing resource site for everyone and it’s going to be fun and enticing for the youths in the world to come in and join!




Okok, of course we are not only going to target the youth but ANYONE who wants to pick up internet marketing as well as anyone who has a product and service to offer to people!

As I was saying, internet marketing is picking up in Singapore and definitely, Calvin and I would want to be able to get to know as many people who are interested in this industry as possible! So do remember to just drop us an email to say hi!

Anyway, do try to get a copy of mypaper (it’s a really cool chinese newspaper publication targetting young adult Singaporeans) tomorrow at all major bus interchanges, mrt stations… and flip through and well, let me know what you see huh! 😉