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Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese Niu Year!

January 27, 2009

It was a very fruitful day today because well, i got to visit tons of relatives by visiting 5 homes. Basically, I got in touch with my family whom i hardly meet or contact unless at special occasions such as weddings and funerals. Sad but true. I mean.. with everyone being busy with work, school or plainly just LIFE, there’s really no possible time where people can gather in 10s or 20s just chatting and eating good food. Right?

I got in touch with my Chinese heritage and tradition, which I hardly get to do so because my family aren’t your typical Chinese family because we’re too westernized in a way.. oh well~ So yep, today was a day for me to know the traditions and practises that our ancestors once had. Also, it’s just to be in touch with the elders of the family who hold so much of a family’s foundation. I don’t ever want that foundation to be lost, especially after these elders move on in life. But it’s definitely easier said than done. 🙁

So, today I learnt that family relations are important yet fragile. Fragile because these family relations can be broken so easily just by having one party not being in contact with the other. Important because family relations provide social support that we always desire and deserve. Sometimes, we don’t realise how important it is until it’s lost and cannot be found again.

Lastly, I found evidence that proves love is the greatest gift of all. What are these evidence?

1. My parents loving me and grooming me and raising me up to who i am today. Only love can provide such motivation for 23 years.

2. My cousin-in-law’s love for her children and how she unconditionally loves and educates them.

3. My newly wed cousins showing all signs of bliss and adoration.

4. My aunt who loves her sons so much that she gives them her blessings and supports them in whatever they do.

5. My cousin who wants to get married to the woman he loves but knows the importance of being able to provide the ideal lifestyle. Hence, he only decides to arrange the wedding after he is confident that he can achieve it for them.

6. My grand aunt’s love for the family such that she’s willing to be the mediator, the broadcasting channel and just being the connector to everybody, when nobody really wants to take up that job.

Love exists in different forms. You may not see these as forms of love. But I do.

I see love through their heart and their eyes.

It’s amazing. Which is why, I treasure the love that i receive from my parents and loved ones and most importantly, my Father from above. He is love. And it’s because of Him, love exists..

To God. To Love. To Happiness.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year

Mad Rush to Usher In Chinese New Year!

January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year is really the time when I feel that it’s really a NEW YEAR. Probably because it’s on a larger scale of festivities because well, almost 70% ++ of the Singaporeans here, are SURE to celebrate this occasion. It really feels more significant than the New Year that happens after 31 December 23:59:59. Weird huh?

I think it’s just a CHINESE thing. hahaha..

I forgot to wish everyone a happy new year 2009 and most of all, i didn’t share photos from my birthday! It was a wonderful birthday spent with my dearest Calvin and of course, not forgetting my mum ordering the usual Blackforest cake that i ‘oh so love’. 😀 It was definitely a blessed birthday and I really am thankful for all the friends who remembered it!!

Here are some photos from my birthday!

I suffered a bout of Stomach Flu just after my birthday.. which was a pretty bad experience that thankfully didn’t linger too long over.. But other than that, the first week or first 2 weeks actually, were great!

Now, it’s gonna get better! Cos Chinese New Year is fast approaching!  I can’t believe that the first post that I’m writing in this new year of 2009 is actually on it. I’ve been eating and snacking on all those goodies just a week before and I can already foresee the weighing scale going up (Again!) I certainly don’t wish for that to happen.. considering that I’ve already put on 5kg after my graduation. This is really BAD.

Anyway, I shopped A LOT for chinese new year.. or at least for my birthday… my dearest Darling gave me an Eeyore soft toy for my birthday which is sooo adorable!! 😀 And he even threw in another gift……… a BEAUTIFUL, i mean really beautiful COACH bag… Something that i’ve always procrastinated on buying because I’m always quite reluctant to spend $$$ on expensive bags.. But well, he did, FOR ME!

I’m really thankful to God for everyone in my life – my friends, family and boyfriend (future hubby-to-be)… hahaha.. He really is amazing, God that is.. haha.. Okok, so is Calvin.. Well, now I’ve got such a fab bag to carry around during Chinese New Year! 😀 Major happy!!!

Well, I hope that everyone will have a great Chinese New Year and holiday ahead!! It’s the time to start eating and enjoying and collecting ang baos (red packets with $$)! May everyone have a bountiful harvest! LOL!