Seducing Mr. Perfect

Haha.. Gosh, actually this post is about this Korean movie that Calvin and I caught yesterday in celebration of our 1st year anniversary. It’s a romantic comedy was really heart-warming, sweet and gosh.. the male lead, Daniel Henney was sooo attractive.. to the female lead that is!So here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure! 😉 It’s a really nice movie which I think couples and guys in particular should just watch it because they should pick up the romantic stuff that Daniel Henney he says…

Well, check out the trailer of the movie here :

I’m sure a lot of the single ladies are so smitten by the character of Daniel Henney – Robin Heiden. And they would love the chance to seduce Mr. Perfect and hopefully snag him. But well life and people are not sooo perfect. So, let’s not be sooo ambitious to want to seduce the perfect man. How about just attracting/ seducing your ideal guy? Haha.. 😛

Well, your success depends on what type of men you are attracted to. And we are going to look at a few types.

A Close-To-Perfect Man.

Characteristics: Successful, Good Looking, Humourous, Charismatic, Sensitive, Fashionable, Presentable, Honourable, Honest.. etc. etc.

Wow.. if that man is this perfect, all the more you should go out for him! Rather then just think that he’s “out of your league” or “too good for you”? Anyway, how would you know?

Who knows! He might find you attractive, smart and funny! You must have self-confidence and never ever think of yourself as being inferior because it might not be how others see you!

So if you think that you’re not worthy of him, it’s time to change your thinking! Why? Because your actions and behaviour are affected by your beliefs and thinking. By changing this inferiority complex that you have, you can transform yourself to become confident and your behaviour towards him will change.

No longer will you hide away from him when you see him or glance at him. You’ll be confident and smile at him. Show that you are interested to make the acquaintance!

The Ever-So-Quiet Man

Characteristics: Shy, quiet and sensitive. He’s not talkative but can still carry out an engaging conversation. Does not enjoy being in the crowd or limelight.

Sometimes, I wonder why some girls actually prefer the quiet, rather gentle kind of man. Well, the first answer I get from them, is that “It shows he is sensitive”. Talk about Sensitive New Age Guys… (Remember the term SNAG?)

Firstly, the ever-so-quiet man often does not like to be in the limelight and well, is usually happy or responsive if you approach them. However, he may take some time before he opens up to you.

Often, they keep things to themselves such as the fact that they may be interested in you or have been eyeing you since the first day you showed up for work. However, they don’t do anything because they are nervous about approaching you for the first time for fear of rejection.

By taking the initiative, you take that pressure away. BUT! Do it slowly and nicely. Don’t overpower him or dominate the entire meeting. Just strike up a friendly conversation the first time and just invite him for coffee..

When the ever-so-quiet guy knows that you are interested in him, he may show you a side that you might not expect. They can be creative and have interesting suggestions or ideas and may be ready to direct them in your direction once they get the courage to do so.

The Out-Of-Reach Man

Characteristics: A friend of another friend, Online Friend or just an acquaintance you chanced upon at a meeting or party.

You might be smitten by the person when you met him for the first time. And he probably left an impression on you that makes it difficult for you not to seek him or just to get to him.

You can try to get his phone number to have a casual phone conversation. It’s less awkward than if you ask him out on a date directly. Well, it gives you the opportunity to get to know him better while you and him might be busy with your lives. SMSes can also promote more interaction. Send him a picture message just to wish him a good day!

If the man you’re interested in, is someone whom you communicate through a chat room. Ask for his email address or phone number. And then follow up from there. Get to know him and always be honest about who you really are. As these forms of communication mediums lack the face to face element needed in a relationship, you need to be extra aware and more sensitive to the tone and way he is communicating.

You can try webcams and you can actually see each other. remember all the things that you find appealing. It will also force you to dress up a bit, which will put you in a more seductive mood.

However, don’t let the relationship continue too long through online forms of communication or phone communication because they often lack the personal touch/ intimacy required for a relationship to be brought to the next level. Moreover, it can leave you open to misunderstandings as what is being typed may be different from what is truly being meant.

No doubt there are many still different categories and characteristics of men. However, these are scenarios which are rather unique and leave women clueless of what step to take next. Well, i feel that you have to remember to be who you are and to be inventive when going after what you want. Most importantly, always go after what you truly desire and your happiness! 🙂

To Your Happiness!

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