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Well, thought I’ll share this video with you and I hope that you will have a good laugh just like I did! ūüėõ

Check it out here :

Well, I had classes yesterday and my lecturer showed us this video in class! Well, it’s amazing how people can develop relationships online and also at the same time, it captures how the internet has changed the way we communicate.

Nobody types complete sentences when talking to someone on the internet and the conversation now, is always full of LOL, ROFL, AFK. It will be sooo weird if you actually typed in complete sentences. Well, it loses the informality and also the friendliness that comes with all the haha and the hehe and the many emoticons that we put in our conversation.

There were some things that I learnt about internet relationships and well, I bet they will amuse you too! Here goes..

1. Emoticons and net language (lol, rofl) are things that we use to increase the intimacy as well as¬†to create an informal conversation with our online buddies.¬†Without these, we’ll have to type full sentences, explaining exactly how we are smiling and also form grammatical sentences in order to be correct.

2. Our offline characters (our characters when we are interacting in a physical environment)¬†are actually influenced by our online characters (our characters when we interact online)! Hence, if online you are always cheerful and joyful, there’s a high chance that these characteristics may rub off on your offline character.

3. When we are engaged in an online relationship, the emotions involved, that we are feeling are equally intense as when in an offline relationship. If you thought that you can have a fling online and just forget about it, chances are you won’t be able to do so. In fact, you will be emotionally attached to your online partner just as much as if you are attached to a partner in reality.

4. Though¬†we may be miles apart but connected to the internet, the internet is able to create for us – a place where both people actually feel physically close to each other. It’s amazing but it’s true. With webcam and a microphone,¬†you can interact with each other as though, well the person was just beside you.

5. In an internet relationship, the first impression that you create also influences the way it will work out, just like when in an offline relationship. And it’s not entirely dependent on your avatar! Most often, it is dependent on how you start your online conversation rolling.. the way you start, the things you say etc..

Well, I hope that your internet relationships, be them with online friends, customers or romantic partners will be built on trust which is highly important in the online world. You don’t wish to be cheated into a relationship with your dream man, only to find out that he is the exact opposite!


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