My Belated Father’s Day Tribute

Calvin knows that apart from him, there is another man in my life.

That man is my father.

I was heartened by my uncle’s photos of his newborn on Facebook. His adorable baby son was coincidentally born just a day before Father’s day. And from the photos that were posted, I could see how beaming he was and looking at his son with proud eyes. His son didn’t need to accomplish anything, didn’t need to know how to say a word and didn’t need to be the best player on the soccer field and he still looked on at his newborn son with such love and pride.

That’s exactly how my father is in my life.

We often forget how important our fathers are in our lives – come on, face it – you also forget about it sometimes. Our fathers have always quietly provided for the families and mothers have always been at the forefront to care for their children. I recently had a conversation with one of my best friends, HY and in brief this was what she said, “For the first time in my life, i saw my father smile. He has laboured all these years, being the sole breadwinner. Now that we are all grown up and contributing to the family income, he no longer feels the burden to provide.”

Calvin often laments how mothers are given all the credit (given the media’s portrayal of The Mother). He finds it funny that because children see their mothers at home, caring for them all the time. And so, they think that their fathers are too busy for them and do not develop a close relationship with them. Thus, fathers do not get as much credit as they should.

I think that it also boils down to the culture that we are in. Men are known to be the head of the house and have to provide for the family. It is not by choice that they provide for the family but it is a responsibility that he has towards his family. And because of that, people take fathers for granted, thinking that fathers “owe” them a living.

Well, thankfully, I’ve never looked at my dad in such a manner. My dad has always been a pillar of support throughout my 24 years of being on this earth. He is nicknamed, “The Shock Absorber” of the family – simply because whenever my mum and I are unhappy, he simply takes it all in by listening to us and our woes.   He is always quick to help, quick to listen and never fails to make me laugh or smile. When I was studying, he taught me mathematics ( he was my maths tutor ok!) and he always encouraged me no matter how badly/well I did at my exams.

The funny thing about my dad is, whenever I tell him that I did poorly in an exam, he will always say, “At least better than me when I was in school”. He always loved to use his own studying experiences to make me feel better about myself or my results. I’ve always looked at my dad with such admiration, simply because I know that he is putting in as much effort as he can for the family. Throughout the years, as I often helped him out at his toy shop, I know that he is putting in all he can to try to make the business work. He still has to manually labour to manage the toy store (which I did try out several times when I was growing up) and I know it is not easy. Apart from the shop, my dad is unlike many fathers – he helps out in house chores everyday.

As I look at my dad after all these years, if anyone were to ask me, “Does your dad love you?” Without hesitation, I know he does. Simply because he gives out of his heart to my mum and I, without complains.

If there’s something horrid about me, it is that I often talk back to my dad. The funny thing is, I do because I take it for granted that he won’t scold me if I did so (unlike my mum, haha). I also know that at the end of the day, it won’t make him love me less. But because of this, every time I do talk back, I always feel a sense of guilt that I’ve not been the best I can to him. Then again, I know he’ll forgive me. 😛

If there’s anyone who loves me for who I am, even if I didn’t accomplish anything, even if I didn’t know how to say a word and even if I wasn’t best basketball player in the world, it’s my dad. He still looks at me with such love and pride – simply because I’m his baby daughter.

The sweetest thing my dad said to me when I offered to celebrate Father’s Day last Sunday and take my parents out for a meal was, “Today’s Father’s Day? No… it’s not. 7 January’s Father’s day, simply because I became a father that day.. I’ve celebrated it already.. So don’t need to celebrate today…”

That is my father for you.

Happy Father’s Day to you, Daddy… even if you say it’s on 7 january. Just celebrate with the rest of the world lah~

You’re the best father that anyone can have and I love you and Mummy very much..

Thank YOU so much for everything. I know that you are a silent giver and you show and give your love in your own manner.

Just know that I know and I appreciate with all my heart.

God bless you always. 🙂

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