I’m on Million Dollar Avatar’s Homepage!!!

Yes.. you heard me! I’m on Million Dollar Avatar!!! Hee.. My picture is up there on the homepage with my ‘big fat face’ (which is actually a small avatar) in their panel of members la.. hee.. 😛

Check it out~!

Million Dollar Avatar

Haha.. guess who is in the homepage too? Lester from whom I met through MyBlogLog is also on the same page~! What a coincidence!

Anyway, Million Dollar Avatar is a social networking platform where its members can promote their websites and build up connections with fellow internet users. What members do is create their avatar and have the chance to be displayed on the front page, just like mine! Well, when it is being displayed there, it helps to generate traffic to their sites!  

The internet really proves to be a great place for people to get to know each other and to build up connections with anyone in the world! And it really allows us to get to know new people and to create new friendships or relationships.

But here are a couple of advice that I would like you to heed:

1. Never divulge personal information (credit card numbers, identity numbers etc.) to people you know online

2. Never arrange to meet your online friend in a deserted, isolated area

3. Never let your online friend abuse you verbally, sexually or actually in any way

4. Always make sure that you check the profile of your online friend thoroughly before establishing a relationship with them

5. Let your friends (such as your classmates, schoolmates, people whom you physically know) know about the person whom you are chatting with or getting to know from the internet.

Yep, that’s about it! It’s more of protecting yourself from the many vices on the internet and also those people who commit cybercrimes. Remember that you just need to be more cautious in everything that you do online ya~! 🙂

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