Millionaire Mind Intensive (Singapore) in 7 hours’ time! Are you going?

I’m still up at 2.04am, just 6 hours before Calvin and I head down for the 3 day Millionaire Mind Intensive event from 26th to 28th November and just 7 hours to the start of it!

Oh dear.. now I wonder if I am going to be in tip top condition tomorrow morning!

So anyway, I really don’t know what to expect from tomorrow though I’ve heard a lot of good stuff from past attendees like Edmund Loh and Elle Wong. It seems that it’s so power packed that I’m gonna be blown away! I am definitely looking forward to some recharging of the millionaire mindset, especially when I am being convinced to attend the event by Calvin.

Now to be frank, I have NOT attended such *hard core* personal development other than the free ones organized from school, webinars or audio distributed for free by awesome speakers like Tony Robbins and even live preview events conducted in the past by local speakers like Adam Khoo and Stuart Tan (who happens to have become my NLP practitioner course master trainer). So I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s event. Doesn’t help that SITEX is happening during the same period! All the more reason to be at Expo tomorrow and over the weekend 😛

I wonder who I’m gonna meet there? Then again, I’m a person who doesn’ t really open up during networking sessions (*shock* I know!) until I’m comfortable with the environment. So don’t be surprised if I tend to look rather unfriendly at first glance. But nonetheless, if you are heading down, don’t forget to say hi! 🙂 At least to Calvin, cos he’s more famous than me. HAHAHAHA.. 😀

I’ll be posting some updates from tomorrow, the first day of the MMI event. So stay tuned!


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