It’s Weird That I’m Blogging Again…

I’ve really taken a long break from blogging at, simply because I just don’t have time to. Blogging on my personal life has also become a little weird because I realized that there are increasingly more people/strangers (Nobody’s a stranger now with the internet) who are reading my blog on my personal/business life.

Also, there’s ONE main reason. Because I didn’t know what to talk about in this blog. I felt that I gradually lost sight of the reason why I have this blog in the first place. Was it to just talk about IM stuff or was it a way of updating my friends about what is happening in my life?

At the end of the day, I realized that is really for me to share my personal life story (which comprises of life, love and of course my business). Which sparked me to even change everything on my blog. To make it more personal. More of me. 🙂

I just wish i have more time to update this blog.

Boils down to Time Management at the end of the day.

Before I sign out from here, just a couple of updates to everyone on how I’m doing: (with regards to common questions I’m getting from people):

– Yes, I have graduated (like in 2008??)
– No, I do not have a job.
– But Yes, I am still running my online/internet business with my boyfriend.
– No, we are not married.
-Yes, I am still attached to that same boyfriend (together for 4 years now. :P)
– Yes we do have plans to get married one day.
– No, I’m not working from home now.
-Yes, cos I got an office in the CBD district.
– Yes, we finally got the car. 😀
– No, it’s not a second-hand. it’s a new 2010 Mazda 3..
– Yes, thank God we got it before the ridiculous COE hike.

That pretty much sums it all.

Haha.. I will post up blog posts answering questions that people have for me on a daily basis. But that’s pretty much it.
Do check out this space for more from me!

2 responses to “It’s Weird That I’m Blogging Again…”

  1. Ron Avatar

    If you don’t have a job and you’re not working from home right now, where do you get your day-to-day finances then?

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Ron,

    I’m running my own online business and company, Zion Global Marketing 🙂 and I moved from a work from home setting to an office located at Clarke Quay area. So that covers my day-to-day finances.

    Hope that answers your question!


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