The Internet – A place to socialise

You know.. as everyday goes, I just like to think about the advantages of the Internet and how much I thank God for creating something like it.

Firstly, I have access to all the freakin’ cool information in the world! I can travel around the World in the comforts of my own home and also find out about interesting facts and figures, which I can later on use to show off to others how knowledgeable i am! *gRinZ* 

Next up is I can use it to communicate with anyone in the World!

Don’t ask me why I look so fat in the photo! I was wrapped up in 3 jackets btw!



For instance, I still keep in contact with my German host family through the net and email them holiday greetings! And I used Skype to talk to Calvin through the month I was in Germany on immersion!

The best part is, the Internet lets us create communities to socialise in and get to know new people. It enables us to enjoy the freedom of talking to anyone in the World and getting to know groups of people who share the same interest as us.

Well, I started my blog on 14 Feb this year and it’s the end of February already and I’m sooo thankful for the Internet for allowing me to meet lots of great new people through my blog and also through MyBlogLog.

I got to know fellow Singaporeans such as Lester and Jasmine who have set up their website teaching people more about Internet Marketing. They have got pretty good information to share with everyone! 😉

And there’s also Ivan who set up his website with the intention of sharing with others the ways and means to earn money online. Well, this guy has interesting goals such as helping 20 Singaporeans earn US$100 each through Google Adsense by this year and to achieve an affiliate sales of US$1000!

Well, it’s been a great month of February and after this really exciting period for me, all I can say is, the fun has just begun! Anyway, I wanna meet more people!!! Haha… So if you like what you’re reading or probably just want to get to know me and/or my community members, just join it!  

It’s a brand new month of March and it’s going to be super cool journey towards excellence yet again!!!

5 responses to “The Internet – A place to socialise”

  1. Wang Ning Avatar
    Wang Ning

    you rock, pat!!

  2. Cheng Xin Yi Avatar
    Cheng Xin Yi

    YO! is this the only place i can leave a comment?..hey! pat!..u rock la!!..i must hurry up make full use of my blog!!!

  3. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hey Wang Ning! Thx for droppin’ by my blog! You rock too! Anyway, do tk care while studying in the US. Bring me back my archie comics~! 😛

  4. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hey XY~! Well, you can add comments after any post in this blog btw. Haha.. yep, need to do something about your blog BizWhizWholesale! Time to give it a revamp coz my readers are also visiting it right now ya! But don’t worry, we’ll be making all that come to reality thru d workshop next week!!! 🙂 Be ready and geared up for an entire blog revamp!!! *gRinZ*

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