Internet Marketing is NOT for the faint hearted..

Here’s the reality check I had this afternoon:

50% of my INTERNET MARKETING knowledge is getting close to becoming outdated!

Isn’t that a “O-M-G” moment for ANYONE who is relying on internet marketing skills to earn a living? Haha..

But that’s the truth! It dawned upon me that I was sooo concerned about handling the backend services that I utterly forgot to continuously update my skills and knowledge which are so important in staying competitive.

It hit me even harder when I realized that I’m stuck in the same position as I was 1 year ago!

And the lesson is I’ve got to start learning – one of the things I love to do actually..

Learning is a continuous process of life and in fact, let me stress that it requires ACTIVE LEARNING. It’s even more so for an industry that moves 24/7, 365 days a week. And I’ve just got to get my feet up and start moving forward again. Frankly, what lies ahead of me or rather the thought of (sort-of) learning all the new tricks, strategies & techniques in IM all over again is kinda daunting at times but I’ve got the courage to keep on moving!

So why is Internet Marketing NOT for the faint hearted?

Firstly, from our experience, internet marketing trends do not last more than a year. What’s IN now will be OUT the moment the next whirlwind trend appears. It’s either you move with the flow or you gradually get phased out. You have to constantly be on the go and be on the lookout for hot trends, shifting buyer patterns in order to be able to use it to your advantage.

Secondly, you have to learn from failures and move on. It’s not as though every single product you create will be a winner, or every single product you promote will make you money and neither does it mean that every single money making idea IS a 6 figure launch. You’ve got to absorb all the learnings from each failure/unsuccessful trial, and CHANGE what you did wrong. Repeating the same thing that got you the bad results will just get you the SAME results.

Thirdly, analyse, analyse and analyse. You have to analyse your own performance, your competitors’ performance and your customers’ “performance” in order to find out what works. There are things like measuring the conversions of your offers, sales copy, videos etc. in order to see how effective your marketing strategy is. You need to analyse what your competitors are doing and see if there’s any way you can improve what they are doing. And of course, you need to analyse what your customers are buying, what they are interested in and test what marketing messages they respond greatest to.

Just going through all that made me realize it’s time to up the gear and become an active and humble learner once more.

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  1. Jianwei Avatar

    heys babe! We’re on the same train thought today abt Learning wow what an awesome coincidence(: haha. Anw c u tmr hv a blessed night’s rest:D

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