How To Cure A Stiff Neck (From My Personal Experience)

Ok… So.. I may have slept in the same awkward position for the whole night but that doesn’t mean that I wanted to!

Really hate those days when I wake up and say, “uh-oh, STIFF NECK!” and today just had to be that sort of day. I woke up and when I turned my head to one side, that excruciating pain really made me tear. It didn’t occur to me that THAT PAIN was going to be even worse when I was checking my blind spot when changing lanes. It didn’t even register in my head that it’s going to be painful, until well I turned my head to check my blind spot.

Goodness and the whole day sitting in front of the computer at my desk, couldn’t have made it worse.

Well when I just couldn’t take it, guess what, I googled for a solution and look what I found.


I immediately jumped to step 3 cos.. I didn’t think it was that bad that I needed to see a doc for it.

So I went to the Pharmacy and she recommended me Kenhancer Plaster which I applied, only to find that it wasn’t hot at all -like it didn’t help much. But i just beared with it for the whole day, until I got to the supermarket to get both Ammeltz Yoko Yoko and Salon Pas. Hahaha.. Calvin was a major darling who wanted me to buy both just in case either one was as useless as the very first one i got from the Pharmacy.

I haven’t used  Ammeltz Yoko Yoko and Salon Pas since the days of playing basketball back in high school/JC for muscle aches and joints. So I pretty much forgot how it felt to use it. Now, back to my story, I decided to use Salon Pas because it’s apparently more effective.  And let me tell you this, Salon Pas is DEFINITELY A KILLER. Within seconds (literally seconds), the heat hit right through into my skin, nerves, joints and what have you, and I immediately felt pain and relief at the same time. How ironic. But it was MAJOR SHIOK (meaning comfortable in dialect).

Goodness, it’s either the heat that made me forget about my pain or it just really is effective. (Which I’ll let you know tomorrow) haha.

So how to cure a stiff neck?


This is not an advertorial but really from my own experience. haha..

If you’ve got a better solution, let me know too! Just in case Salon Pas loses its effectiveness tomorrow. :p


Lastly, something totally unrelated which I found on Facebook:


Anyone who is looking to adopt a dog soon.. do think of adopting one of the 75. I wish I can but I can’t.. cos I don’t have a proper place to rear one. So, yep, if you are a dog lover, do take note of the details if you are interested. 🙂

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