Happy Mother’s Day!

I know I’m a day late but hey, everyday’s supposed to be Mother’s Day!

So how did you spend yours?

I celebrated by spending time with my mum at home and she took time to prepare a sumptuous brunch and dinner for the family. Nope, we didn’t go out to some fancy restaurant for dinner (though I secretly wish we did cos my folks need some pampering.. haha..) It was knowing that mother’s day shouldn’t be just ONE DAY of hugs and kisses but a lifetime of them.

My mum’s a superwoman in my eyes simply because I know how hard she works and I have always made it a point not to make her and my dad worry unnecessarily about me when I was growing up. Though I did have my errant ways, they were not to the point of causing panic for them. Haha.. My mum is very capable and is very helpful towards others (sometimes too helpful) and she has taught me a lot of lessons during the course of my life.

My mum. Always a loving figure in my life. Though she may be quite naggy and sometimes eccentric (Haha..), she makes a great mother to me. Thanks Mummy! Love you loads!

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