Learning From Britney Spears

I know what you are thinking. How the heck can I learn from Britney Spears who recently looked as though she had been to hell and back and trying to recover from the aftermaths of the disasterous relationship she just had!

When I was reading reports about her, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Well, I practically grew up with her – with the songs, “Baby One More Time”, “Lucky” and “I’m a Slave For You” and her “oh-so-cute” then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

She was the pop princess, looking oh-so-innocent back in the year 2000.



Then she went on enjoying all the success that any performing artist would die for. She became the pop icon and a legendary figure in the pop culture. 


 A break up, a quick Las Vegas marriage to her childhood sweetheart, a few flings and a baby, she gets married to Kevin Federline. (Which I think, was a complete huge mistake)

So, what can I learn from her? Well, just read on to find out.

1. Apparently, family relationships are not as important to her as her relationship with friends.
>> Family is important to us even as we are busy with our own pursuit of happiness and success. Though friends are equally important, family members are people who constantly remind us of our origins and who help us maintain our values and beliefs. Despite our disagreements with our family members, we must always take time to resolve them and understand each others’ position.  

2. She can easily detach from her own feelings and others’.
>> We must always be clear of what we feel and how others feel. Her ability to forgo her own emotions and others, shows us her ability to take and let go of things. Though it’s good to be able to let go of failed relationships, experiences, we must always recognize what we are feeling. Whether we are hurt or relieved or just plain upset. We should never deny our emotions or try to avoid them, thinking that it will solve the problem.

3. In relationships, Britney is the dominant character. She wants independence and freedom.
>> Being the dominant character has its pros and cons. In Britney’s case, controlling and demanding from the partner, can cause misunderstandings, irritations and even unhappiness. Hence, a balance in power and control must always be struck between the two people, for the relationship to be able to stay strong.

4. She likes to experiment and does not follow conventions and traditions.
>>Experimenting.. mmm.. I think we’ve heard many stories of her experiments eh.. from kissing Madonna, to carrying a white python and the list goes on. Though traditions and conventions may be hard to follow these days, it’s good to keep a good limit to the things that you try.

5. She is too emotional and unable to hide her reactions to people or situations.
>> Being too emotional and unable to hid reactions, people can be put off by this. It’s important to draw a clear line of professionalism and also being too personal. Though it’s not wrong to show your feelings, sometimes, your emotions are best kept to yourself in order not to affect others and their impression of you.

6. She is impulsive
>> Getting married in a Las Vegas chapel in the middle of the night? Yeah, that’s too impulsive! Always think through all decisions that you make because you don’t want to ever regret making them in the first place.

7. She is too impatient and does not back down at will.
>> Getting pregnant and getting married against a lot of people’s wishes… Yeah.. she’s too impatient and stubborn. We must always review the consequences of our actions before carrying them out.

8. She cares too much about others’ opinions.
>> It’s important to always listen to yourself first because your own conscience and your will would know exactly what you want. Nobody else will. You lead your own life and not others. Hence, let others’ opinions be secondary to your own desires and wants. In that way, you will be less affected by the negative comments that others may have with regards to what you do.

9. She really desires deep, genuine, lasting relationships.
>> From this, the lesson learnt is to choose your partner wisely. Choose one who loves, cherishes you and wants you to be happy. And stay committed to your partner, right from the day that you both get together.

10. Jealousy, power struggles, or possessiveness are areas of conflict in her relationships.
>> Always develop a sense of trust and attachment (not physically but mentally and spiritually) to each other. This is important. Trust and faith are two key elements that you will need to make sure that your relationship lasts. Because they are the foundations on which any kind of relationship is built on.

Now there you have it, the 10 lessons that can be learnt from Britney Spears in the area of life. Though she may not be the best role model we can find, it’s important to be able to cope with difficulties, failures, wrong decisions and consequences.

We must not let our lives wither away because of a mistake. And no matter what, we must always find support for ourselves and not let ourselves crumble in times of difficulty!

Don’t be like how Britney is today!

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