How To Cope With Anxiety

When too many things pile on top of me, I sometimes just lose control and get all anxious and become a nerve-wreck. I think the best incident that happened was during my 21st birthday when I was sooo stressed up with the planning and I just felt as though everything was going to go wrong! I was sooo edgy that I just started to lose my temper and not be my usual self.

I’m sure that you have experienced this one way or another. Be it during the preparation of your exams or when faced with a situation which demands a lot from you such as public speaking.

Well, we have to learn to cope with such anxiety in order to be able to guarantee a healthy state of mind and also emotional stability and I want to share with you some ways which I have adopted…

1. I always take deep breaths the moment I feel that my heart is racing, my mind is twirling and I know that I’m losing my cool.  

>> Always remember that while these feelings and sensations are very frightening, they are not dangerous or harmful unless I don’t choose to control them. By taking deep breaths, I’m sending more oxygen to my brain and giving my heart more time to slow down. What we are experiencing (strong palpitations of the heart etc.) is just an exaggeration of our body’s normal reactions to stress.
2. I choose to face the anxious/ nervous/ fearful feelings that I feel and try to account for them. 

>> What I learnt is not to resist my feelings. And the more I convince myself the reasons for them, and the more I am willing to face them, the less intense they become. So when the fears come, expect and accept them. 
3. I count from 1 to 100 at an equal timing.

>> Well, do not add to your anxiety by thinking about what “might” happen. Instead try to channel your energy elsewhere by doing a counting exercise. In that way, you will focus and concentrate on something else, rather than on what you are feeling. 
4. I try to erase any thoughts that cause me to feel worse.

>> What’s the point of adding on to your misery when you’re already feeling soo horrible? Notice that when you stop adding frightening thoughts to your fear, it begins to fade! 
5. I started to exercise regularly.

>> Exercising and starting a health regime comprising of an exercise routine and a more healthy diet, can directly reduce anxiety symptoms and make the body better able to handle agitation.
These small little ways help me to manage my feelings, anxiety and fears better and I hope that you will benefit from it too! We must train ourselves not to succumb to our fears or else, it will snowball and we will fall into emotional instability which is detrimental to our health!

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