10 Skills Needed For SUCCESS! (Part 4)


We have reached the final part of 10 Skills Needed for Success! I hope that the past few blog posts have been good and you have started applying the skills already! *Still crossing my fingers*

We’ll finish up this series with the last two skills!


Have you ever met people who tell you, “It’s impossible!” wherever you share with them your dreams or ideas. And what happens? We become automatically programmed to think our ideas are ridiculous without even bothering to share with or tell others of our dreams, ambitions and goals. And this inhibits our success!

So we need to change ourselves and switch back to even child-like naivety, from ”I can’t” to “I can” and “ It’s impossible!” to “It’s possible!”.

We need to be like children who venture into the unknown, without caring too much about anything else!

Exercise: Whenever you think something is impossible, tell yourself it’s possible! “IMPOSSIBLE= I-M-POSSIBLE”






Picture a balance where you have your work on one hand and your health on the other. Why are these two at either ends? Because both are equally important you’re your success!

Your work and effort that you do and put in are crucial in attaining your success. I’m sure I don’t need to say much.

Your health on the other hand, is something that money can’t buy! You must not over-stress yourself or allow yourself to be prone to illnesses. Because being sick will prevent you from accomplishing what you can at your maximum potential. Always keep yourself at the best of health by exercising regularly and eating right!

Exercise: Start a new healthy diet and exercise regime!

WOOOHOO!!! We have finished looking at all the 10 skills you need for success!!!

It’s important for you not to just read and forget! But remember to apply them!

One thing that you can take away from this series is this
Always remember to tell people what you DO want, instead of what you don’t want.

On top of all that, remember to keep yourself healthy because it’s something that you won’t want to forgo for success!

Here’s some food for thought: “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot be manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth becomes useless and reason is powerless” – Xerophilus, circa 300B.C.


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