10 Skills Needed For SUCCESS! (Part 3)


Heyhey.. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m lazing around, thinking what to do before heading down to town (Orchard Rd) for the Chingay Parade (an annual carnival held after CNY)..

Well, why not continue to share with you the other skills needed for success! We stopped at Skill #5 yesterday. So, have u started implementing them??? I hope so~! *crosses fingers*


In order to achieve success, we have to learn from our mistakes and failures. But we also need to put them behind us and move on.

Success is deletion of your failures.

You need to learn from your failures, pick up the learning tips and delete them away! By deleting, I mean, not to let similar incidents from happening again!

You need to know where, why and how you went wrong. If you’re clueless, find an expert from the list you developed earlier (See SKILL#5) to tell you and guide you!

If not, be an independent learner and find out your mistakes on your own! (See SKILL#2: Gear 3)

Exercise: List down your failures and what you have learnt from the experience. Commit them to memory and exercise the correct practice. After which, cancel these failures from the list and delete them away!


Commit yourself to the outcome or your goal. Convince yourself why and how much you want the success. You need to remain undeterred despite facing obstacles. You need to make sure that you don’t give yourself excuses or exceptions!

Ask yourself, how committed are you to achieving your success?

Exercise: Write your goals down in a huge piece of paper and stick it somewhere prominent to remind you everyday of what you are working towards.


You are bound to face cynics, criticism or even backlashes when working towards what you want but you must not let them affect you and continuously shield your dream.

Remember your co-dreamers or people you get to dream with you? You need to continually support each other and back each other. As you may likely shield them from other people’s criticisms and comments, your dream team will be shielded by your dream.

Exercise: Meet up with your co-dreamers and talk about your dreams/goals together and motivate each other over coffee or lunch. Picture the outcome that you are looking forward to together with them.

It’s amazing when I’m sharing the skills needed for success with you and practising it on my own as well. My co-dreamer, Calvin supports me all the time and it’s important to have such people around you to keep you buoyant in the sea of uncertainties.

Moreover, I always tell myself that it is not wrong to admit to your mistakes and to learn from them. I’m not afraid to say that I’m a rather egoistic person and having to ask people for help or admit my mistakes can be a really humbling experience. But it’s important to tell myself that it is not wrong to be wrong!

Well, whatever goals or dreams you may have, always remember to remain committed to them and never let any setbacks discourage you okie!

*To Our Success!*


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