10 Skills Needed For SUCCESS! (Part 2)


I’m sooo excited to share with you the other skills needed for success that I’m blogging it right before I head off to bed. Technically, it’s a brand new day yet again! Coz.. it’s now around 12:39am in the morning. So welcome to a brand new day!

Did you implement the 2 skills you learnt earlier on? I hope you did! Recording down your successes to remind you of your strengths can motivate you in times of despair and disappointment and knowing which gear level you are at, can help you to learn and better equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to attain success.

So.. let’s continue on our journey of learning the 10 skills!


When was the last time you dreamt about becoming someone, doing something or reaching somewhere? What are your ambitions? If you are dumbfounded, well, I’m not surprised.

Many of us have been forced to eradicate their dreams because of society and its expectations. Well, I was one of them.

BUT You must make a change this moment and create your dream and live it!

Whatever your dream is, it’s important that you seek to achieve it and not let it just be an imagination.

Let’s say you want to be the best soccer player in town, then you have to live like the greatest soccer player, for instance David Beckham, and behave like him! Train everyday, practice kicking the ball and run miles to build up your stamina.

Exercise: Write down your dream. Describe it as vividly as possible. Write down too what you need to do to attain this dream. You need to be able to find out what your dreams are and what are the things you need to do to attain the kind of success you want and be able to live the life that leads you to your dream.

SKILL #4: Find Support

You have to find people who share the same goal/dream as you do. Because they will be the ones who will be supporting you when you lose sight of your dream and they will motivate you to achieving your dream. These people will encourage you in times of despair and it’s important for you to make sure that they dream together with you and seek to achieve the same goal together with you.

Exercise: Share with others your dream. Whoever is willing to listen, describe your dream as real as possible to them and get them to co-dream with you. Let these people be your loved ones, your best friends, your business partners or even your neighbour.

SKILL#5: Using Other’s Expertise.

There are experts available around us, be them our professors, our bosses, teachers or even some guru over the internet to learn from. We must always seek answers to the questions we have and ask for help from these people when we are stuck with a problem or need a solution. We have to learn from them and make use of their expertise to improve our knowledge and understanding.

Exercise: List down the experts or successful people in the field in which you want to achieve success in. Try to obtain their contact details and ask for their guidance when needed. Compile this list with as many people as possible so that whenever you encounter a problem, you know who to seek help from.

The next set of skills will be posted tomorrow again! In the meantime, do remember to apply what you have learnt to ensure your success in whatever you do. I hope you will benefit from it! ..

Continually dream and make your dreams come true!

Food for thought: Well, when a person wishes you at an occasion such as your birthday, ” I hope all your dreams will come true”, tell them confidently, “I know they will” and be encouraged to make them your co-dreamer as well.


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