10 Skills Needed For SUCCESS! (Part 1)


It’s a brand new day… And it’s important to start the brand new day right!

As for me, to start this brand new day, I decided to share with you the first 2 skills that you need in order to achieve the success you want!

It’s easier said than done though.. because it requires you to fully commit yourself to changing your beliefs of yourself and also to build up your self-confidence which is crucial for your success!

So, take action after reading the post okie!


Note down or to file the incidents where you have enjoyed success. It’s often when I ask people, “what are your achievements?” or “what are you good at?” and they get stumped when I ask them to list 20 incidents where they were successful or they achieved something. Most are able to provide me with at most 5 items.

It is important that you remember the occasions where you are successful. Even if these occasions are so small such as successfully take a scary rollercoaster ride when you are scared of heights. These little successes help you to go a long way because you realize that you are capable of achieving success even in your daily life!

Remembering success boosts our self-confidence and having confidence ensures a good start to our success. With confidence, comes respect and admiration from others who might be able to help us along the way.

Exercise: Write down in a notebook, the incidents of success you have and always read them whenever you feel down and discouraged.





Learning is the process where you gain knowledge and having knowledge empowers you with the basics to achieving success. You must remember that in order to be successful, you must learn not only from your mistakes but also from people around you – learn from their mistakes or experiences and listen to their advice.Hasn’t there been an occasion where you said, “Argh! If I knew, I should have listened to (person’s name)!”

Well, here are the 3 gears of learning which are crucial to you achieving the success you want:

Gear 1: Follow The Leader

When we start out to learn something, often we operate at this gear where we seek to learn from somebody, an expert or a person educated in the field.  When we are operating at this gear, it is important to listen and observe the leader and at the same time question him/her, in order to quicken our learning pace.

Gear 2: Apply What We Have Learnt

We are equipped with the knowledge and we have to apply them in areas which are possible.At this stage, we are still dependent on our leader for assistance in areas which are tougher.

We are bound to make more mistakes at this stage but we have to learn from them. We still need to continuously question not only our leader but also ourselves in order to find out where we have gone wrong, what we can improve and how can we gain independence.

Gear 3: Independent Learning

You are totally independent to implement your knowledge in different areas and also improvise on your own. The leader is no longer influencing your actions hence, you research and learn on your own. There are even more possible mistakes that you might commit and the road to success becomes an upslope one.

You are seeking to achieve greater heights and at this gear, you must be able to not only work independently but also be able to teach others and share with others your knowledge in order to be able to get them to assist you in different ways.

Exercise: Identify the gear you are operating at in the area in which you are seeking success. Recognise what you have to do and continually seek to move up the gears. The road may get tougher but when the going gets tough, it is important to remain tough. 

Now, your level of expertise will determine which gear you operate at. But one thing is certain and that is you continually seek new knowledge and improve your skills in order to maintain in tip-top condition to achieve success.

I’ve shared with you the first 2 skills you need in order to achieve your success and do remember to apply them first. Check back again tomorrow where l’ll be sharing with you the other skills you need to achieve success!

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