Addicted to the Latest ‘Drug’ in the Market – Zenya!!

May 28, 2008

Zenya has got to be the coolest thing around and basically, it caught my eye because of its really nice packaging and I just bought it and tried it purely by chance. I’m a person who likes to experiment with new things/ products etc because you never know whether it’s going to be the best product/thing you can ever find around town! And trust me, it was sooo good! It refreshed me and made me sooo alert!
I was certainly surprised by its aromatic flavours of both green tea and pomegranate. I tried Pomegranate Green Tea because it’s one of the newer versions of green tea available in the market and boy was it sooo nice! So much better than that of Pokka or any other Pomegranate Cranberry tea or drink I’ve ever tasted! It was sweet yet had the strong aromatic taste of green tea and it didn’t leave a sour after taste that of those Pomegranate Cranberry teas.

This is how it looks! Check out its packaging! I really like the green bookmark thingy.. haha..


Oh dear.. I’m actually dedicating an entire post to a bottle of green tea! Well, just thought that I would share this new product (I think it’s new in Singapore) with everyone.. Am going to buy the other 2 flavors – pure green tea and lemon green tea tomorrow to try! 😀 Well, I got mine at NTUC (a local supermarket).. haha.. so if you are wanting to try too, just hop by to the nearest one!


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