Confessions of a Young Online Entrepreneur

October 7, 2007

Firstly I apologise for the delay in updating my blog(s) and basically, I’m human too (so get over it). Haha.. 😀 Well, I certainly hope that my readership has not dwindled to nothing and basically, that my online haven is still open for people’s reading pleasure.

Certainly, the updates could have been more frequent. I just realised that it’s been almost 2-3 months since I blogged relatively regularly. And that I haven’t fully been able to share with everyone what exactly is happening around me, my plans, news and so much more. Apologies for that. But all I can say is, I’ve only just begun.

Sometimes, I forget that I’m a student. But often, I forget that I’m a young entrepreneur, an online entrepreneur to be precise. There are just so many things to go about doing, so many things due at school, so many decisions to make, so much information to take in and basically, so much more to execute and accomplish. I loaf the days where I simply have pressing matters to attend to at school, that I cannot actually be able to materialise the many ideas and plans that I have.

Ideas and plans I certainly have aplenty. I have ideas to revamp my other blog, which I have been putting off for a long time. And also another new project planned (this is rather huge and requires a lot of additional manpower). I need to hire people to help me execute these plans at the same time, I’d need $$ and well, it takes time to raise a capital required. *sigh* 

Time management is definitely something that I ought to exercise but, just to be frank, 24 HOURS SIMPLY ISN’T ENOUGH. The irregularities of sleeping habits and even bad eating habits, are slowly becoming a part of daily life that I just need time (again!) to get back on track. I’m sure YOU understand how exactly I feel coz… everyone simply has similar complaints.

Another thing that I want to get off my chest would be that Internet Marketing certainly isn’t as easy as many people have made it out to be. Especially after I got onto the local show, Shoot 3, everyone’s been coming to me and say, “WAH, So easy to make money online ar? Just blog ar?” Desired reaction: *BOX*. Actual reaction: “Nah.. there are still many things to do.”

I realised that people have the wrong connotation that it’s a get-rich-quick scheme that everyone should get into where they just set up a blog, put pay per click ads and just wait to see huge amounts of money rolling into their bank accounts. GET REAL PEOPLE. MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES or in fact, MONEY DOESN’T COME WITHOUT A PRICE. And this price is effort and time.

Oh did I tell you my ‘daily life schedule’? There’s school, project, assignments & tests (which take up almost up to 75% of my time), business management (20%), boyfriend (5%) which causes friends, relaxation, outings and movies to be almost reduced to null. I certainly need to readjust the weightage of the different components in order to have a balanced life. But then again, as an online entrepreneur, I certainly need to make sacrifices and I should just make it 80%- for business and 20%- others. But is it really possible? *sigh*

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of focus which sad to say, I know I lack in. There are just too many distractions around and keeping the same frame of mind, performance and state is something well, I guess I need to condition myself to do so. (So much for learning about conditioning in Psychology classes). I should be my own guinea pig. LOL! 😉

Well, that at least gets stuff off my chest. *smiles* Thanks for listening or actually reading.

By the way, I’ve been busy with Calvin over here recently. Just check out what we have been up to!  

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