I’ve not been able to blog that regularly this two days because I’m helping my dad at his shop… Actually I’m not exactly actively helping but just sitting down and tending to customers as and when’s required. I’ve been busy online though during the time but the internet connection (WirelessSG) is rather pathetic such that it’s slow and causes my laptop to lag and hang sooo bad coz of IE. I switched to Mozilla and encountered the same problem!!

Anyway, though I would have taken this ‘job stint’ to be a sort of break for me from a lot of IM business stuff but rather, I’ve become physically exhausted cos of helping at the shop. I have had to walk home from there back home because of the horrible traffic situation over in the area…. which is caused by a particular someone – Mas Selamat. Well, I haven’t been working out so much and lifting heavy things hasn’t been my forte which makes it tiring and exhausting especially for someone who is not used to it or in fact, haven’t been exposed to labour for quite some time except for labour on the keyboard.

I really appreciate my dad and his work more these days because I realise that his business is something that has funded my family through the years and that my dad is really working hard. It’s a pity that his shop and the business has not been picking up these couple of years because of poor government developmental plans for the area. I just pray that God will open a door of opportunity for him and our family to help make this business thrive in and for His Glory.

In the meantime, i’ll try to update my blog…! 🙂


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