If I knew that upgrading my wordpress version to the latest ones is going to be such a hassle and is going to cause me so much agony, I won’t have even clicked on that ‘Upgrade WordPress Version’.

Here are a couple of things that happened:

1. My categories have all become invisible.

>> I can’t see my categories or even edit any because it’s utterly blank under the ‘Manage Categories’ section. I can’t categorise my posts under different categories anymore!!! What should I do!!!!

2. All my tags for my previous posts got erased.

>> In fact, I’m not sure what’s the cause. It could be because of the fatal error that is caused when I try to activated my Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare show_subscription_checkbox() (previously declared in /home/calvin84/public_html/patricialin/wp-content/plugins/subscribe-to-comments/subscribe-to-comments.php:12) in /home/calvin84/public_html/patricialin/wp-content/plugins/subscribe-to-comments.php on line 56

3. Ultimate Tag Warrior isn’t the only plugin that i can’t reactivate after the upgrade!

Sigh~ I seriously don’t know if this can get any worse and I’m just hoping that some kind soul out there who happens to visit my blog for chance and who has a clue as to how to solve this problem, can kindly msg me and tell me WHAT’S WRONG!!!

Please kind soul out there.. msg me if u read this. Thanks!


  1. Paul Avatar

    Heya Pat!

    I chanced upon your blog when I was tracking Calvin’s one sometime back.

    My heart goes to you on your mishap. Well, I am not too sure how you can solve your problem but I think as long U have your database intact and wordpress backed up, it shd be fine.

    Perhaps in the future you can try using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. Works wonders!

    Am using plugins in this list here.

    You can find the link to the plugin there.

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Paul!

    Calvin’s blog is sooo not updated. haha.. He’s just plain busy with IM Buzz Creators that he has been neglecting his blog. Forgive him on that!

    Well, I’ve been asking several other blog owners abt this and even did a google search on the fatal error but there doesn’t seem to be any solution. Oh well, yeah, thank goodness all posts are kept and well, wordpress is backed up!

    I actually did use the WordPress Automatic Upgrade! It works like a gem but then… i don’t know why the plugins have a problem reactivating.

    Well, thanks for sharing with me your recommended plugins page with me but it doesn’t seem to load properly. You might want to check it.


  3. Ultimate iWealth - Kok Choon Avatar

    Try de-activate all plugin, check the post again, if things persists, better backup what you can, reinstalling wordpress is recommended…but after you try all method.

  4. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Kok Choon,

    Thanks for the advice. Erm, we’ll see.. but i think i’m gonna leave it as it is for now. until perhaps I decide to do something drastic to my blog then I’ll reinstall everything. hee!

    Well, thanks for dropping by!


  5. Kai Wei Avatar

    Hey Patricia,

    Thank goodness you backed up your data. You’re using any automatic backup plugins? Had mine send me an email with my backup attached every week.

    BTW, did you use the automatic upgrade using fantastico?

    I have never used fantastico to upgrade my wordpress blog before…but I heard from my experienced friends that updating from Fantastico is a hassle and a big risk.

    They updated their wordpress using fantastico and everything just went upside down for them, stating the problems you are having, if I remembered correctly.

    If you used fantastico to upgrade…drop me a mail. I’ll ask my friends if they managed to resolved their upgrade problems back then.

    Kai Wei

  6. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Kai Wei,

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Yep, I’m using automatic backup plugins. Erm, I didn’t use Fantastico to upgrade my version but used the WordPress Plugin, WordPress Automatic Upgrade cos I know of the potential problems that it might cause.

    But thanks for offering to help ya! Really appreciate it!


  7. Kai Wei Avatar


    That plugin is causing the trouble!

    Gosh…Had installed that and almost used it. I guess I should avoid using that too.

    Hope things are better with your blog upgrades!

    Kai Wei

  8. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Kai Wei!

    Oh no! Don’t get me wrong.. am not too sure if that plugin is causing the trouble because my other blogs that were upgraded using the plugin had no problems at all… It’s only this personal blog of mine.

    I think that the plugin works like a charm with the other blogs but perhaps I just didn’t have too much luck with it here.:)


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