If Women Didn’t Exist…

If Women Didn't Exist

I just had to share this photo that I received through email from my Prof because I find it absolutely cute that someone would have given importance to the contribution of women to the meaning of Money. Aristotle Onasis has certainly captured how influential women are to the meaning of money. Think about it.

If women didn’t exist:

1. men won’t work so hard for money

2. the phrase ‘splurging money’ would not have been created.

3. money would have just been another form of paper

4. money won’t be used to buy expensive things such as jewellery, expensive dinners etc.

5. men would just have a lot of money but with few uses.

Well, it’s just something interesting to share about. Can you think of anything that would happen “if women didn’t exist”? Do share with me!

2 responses to “If Women Didn’t Exist…”

  1. Bernard Lim Avatar

    if women didn’t exist, there will be no men, because there’s nothing to live for.

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Bernard!

    Are you sure men would have nothing to live for? What about for that dream car or maybe that really awesome soccer team or that really cool computer game? Lol! 😀

    But anyhow, that comment you left was soo sweet! 😀 I’m sure many women would be pleased to see your comment! Haha..


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