What I need to revive my love for Blogging

Have you always wondered why people or in fact bloggers have the ‘writer’s block’?

I have.

Because I’ve encountered that countless number of times in my entire life and I just don’t understand why this block occurs. It seems to me that it is a result in my ever anxious desire to write well and when I do have the feeling that I might not write well, I just block all creativity and joy in writing.

I think sometimes, I take things too seriously where suddenly the fun of doing it, especially blogging just starts to dwindle. It’s not that I lack things to write but because I’ve not allowed myself to express what I feel about things freely. Notice the difference between my old personal blogs and this one. Well, frankly the stark contrast is that I have matured as a blogger and as a person.

But I’ve been taking my blogging seriously because I don’t wish to make my readers feel that ‘It’s just another blog’. It’s meant to make people want to come back again and again (which I think I need to work on). I guess it’s because I haven’t really seen the bigger picture of what I want to accomplish with my blog. Sigh.. But at least I do have an idea.

Now, I’m a pending graduate (have yet to receive my last semester exam results and go through the ceremony) but I’m almost there. It’s the best time to start planning to make commitments to a lot of things.. let’s make ‘blogging regularly’ one of them. 😉

Will be uploading pictures from Jonathan’s trip to Singapore soon.. once i get hold of our  (Calvin and Mine) new digicam’s cable!! It’s a really cool Olympus digital camera!! 😀

Till the next post..

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