Welcome Everyone!

A warm welcome to everyone to my blog PatriciaLin.com~!

Now that my blog is running, like a business, it’s important to welcome my visitors to my humble online ‘home’. So thanks for dropping by my site!

A little bit more about myself!

I’m Patricia Lin, a 2nd year Psychology undergraduate at the National University of Singapore. (It’s supposedly one of the top 20 universities in the world!) And I’m doing a business minor because I have the interest for this field – especially marketing.

Well, I’m.. hee.. happily attached to my boyfriend, Calvin.. (oh.. there he is at the bottom.. haha) who by the way, has a blog too at http://www.calvinwoon.com/. You can visit him at his blog too!


Often I feel that the both of us are like ‘Pinky & the Brain’ (remember the Animaniacs cartoon?).. where, I’m Pinky and Calvin’s the Brain. lolz! He has all the great ideas while I have creative ones. Haha.. 😛

Anyway, I’m an only child, so there are times where I really experience loneliness. It’s something not that not many people can understand. Having this online community allows me to interact with more people! I know that people have the mistaken idea that single children are spoilt brats, fed with a silver spoon, spared the rod and the list goes on. Although it may be true, growing up all your life alone without any siblings can be tough.

Well, I simply love shopping! *Let me know if you know any girls who are not into shopping ya!* And the sun, sand and the sea are my also loves which perhaps explains why I’m more tanned than the average asian chinese chick.

So, what’s my blog going to be about?

If you have checked out my previous blogs, those are ramblings of a disgruntled teen and post-teen kid.. who perhaps finds fault in everything except herself! Com’on, we all have been through that stage.

However, this blog is going to be different! I’m going to be sharing my own personal experiences in handling relationships with peers, strangers, colleagues etc.. And basically begin applying what I’ve learnt and the information I have gathered in this area, to help people who are often miserable because of the horrific relationships they have with their bosses, friends or family.

I would love if anyone who has a problem, can share it with me by emailing me at patricia@patricialin.com. So, if you need advise/help/guidance, feel free to drop me a mail!

Well, what’s a blog without penning (should be typing rite? :D) down thoughts on daily happenings? So, yep, I’ll be dropping pics in as well, on the places I go, things i do around the sunny island, Singapore and even on my personal life.

Do visit the blog regularly to check for updates! In fact, bookmark it! Hehe..

So that’s all for now.. Have a gd weekend ahead!

**To Chinese readers, Happy Chinese New Year! Dig into the festive mood and goodies!Have a blessed and prosperous year of the Pig! Haha… But don’t turn into one ya?


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  1. Calvin Avatar

    Hi Darling!

    Congrats on your wonderful blog set up!

    I’m sure your blog is going to be an informative and interesting one!

    Look forward to reading more of your learnings..



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