I didn’t regret spending 2++ hours watching F1!

You know I thought that to appreciate F1, you need to be a F1 fan and in fact, I thought that you should watch it only when you know the Grand Prix and how it works.

But hey~ I realised I was wrong.

Frankly, I think that tonight’s night race was darn exciting! Even though, I actually felt watching them go round and round the race track boring but frankly, thanks to the camera crew and the amazing ability to actually view the action from the racing cars, they kept me glued to my TV tonight.

I was a little disappointed that Ferrari ‘crashed out’ of the competition when they actually started well with being First Pole (am i right to use that term?).. haha.. Oh well, at least Lewis Hamilton (remember I said, he was the only one i knew as a F1 driver) finished in 3rd position and Mclaren Mercedes actually lead the Constructors table! My my.. the things you learn from watching a 2 hour ++ live commentatory and racing action.

I think that the action was superb and racing has totally taken a whole new meaning for me. I used to think racing = daytona. Now, it’s racing = F1. hahaha.. Daytona step aside, I actually prefer the real life action. EVEN THOUGH, i’m not the one behind the steering wheel.

It’s amazing how these 3 days have gone past and how the night race has ended. Just when I was getting warmed up for the excitement and enthusiasm.

I must say that, F1 brought life to our boring and restless nation. Gone are the days of mindless, brainless evenings of shopping, eating and shopping and eating (sounds like the HK commercial ya?). We’ve got F1 to add to our list of entertaining things to do in Singapore.

Do I regret not buying the tickets to watch F1 this year?

Kinda. I feel that I missed out on the action.

Will I go to watch it next year?

You bet.

So till next year then! Adios for now, F1! 😀

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