How To Deal With The Ugly Boss

Haha… Don’t be mistaken, it’s not the physically ugly boss. It’s the boss who doesn’t take suggestions, doesn’t work and think efficiently and well, is out to make your work and life difficult for you.  

I’ve got a friend who works at a local financial company and she complained to me that her supervious is a pain, because she keeps making her run errands and re-do proposals or marketing materials again and again. She doesn’t bother to explain what is wrong with the proposal and just, well bosses her around!

So, what about you? Have you actually experienced the pain of working under a person who’s just so difficult to get along? Or in fact, how do you get along with your boss?

Don’t rack your brains thinking about how to get along with your boss, if you are in this dilemma. In fact, you should be clear that you have only 2 routes to take.

1. Go against the boss

2. Aim to be best employee you can be

Haha… things made simple right? But are these two routes the only routes you can really take?

Well, here are some tips that I think are worth trying:

Never prove your boss that he/she is wrong!

>> Always never attempt to show the boss that you are smarter than him/her because well, they are egoistic from sitting up there on the pedestal chair. Try to engage in more discussions which help to add value and aim to steer them in the direction you hope that your project or work goals will be moving towards.

Always portray yourself positively!

>> Whenever your boss wants you to get something done, don’t falter and doubt your abilities but show that you are confident in performing the task. In that way, the impression of you will be in a positive light – just imagine if your employee tells you that the work you assigned to them is too difficult to be accomplish. How would you feel if you were the boss? Would you be pleased? If the task is really difficult, do suggest that someone helps you right from the beginning. But never forget to show your enthusiasm for the task!

Observe your boss!

>> Take time to notice things about your boss – either a certain habit or body language signal or tone of voice. Well, notice the signals he or she sends with these traits. Try to figure out what your boss has in stored and if possible, read your boss’ mind! It’s good to understand what your boss means when he/she says something in particular. And well, don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for help because you never know if they might need yours too!

Create the work environment that you want to be in!

>> Take the initiative to make fellow colleagues more motivated or happy by organising luncheons or staff event. Start your own event and get everyone including your boss actively involved. In that way, you’ll be more appreciated and noticed. Moreover, it will help increase your value to the organization.

So yep! Try these tips in the office and maybe working for your boss may not seem that bad after all!

All the best!

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