SpeedTest! Time to unwind!

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the long delay because I’ve been busy with school work. Frankly, last week was the craziest because of the deadlines of my report and projects and presentations… But thank God I got over it!

Moreover, I’ve also been busy with another 2 projects of ours (Calvin and I) and there’s a lot of coordination to do, planning and stuff.. These 2 projects are exciting for the both of us and we just can’t wait!!

Anyway, today is the first day that I’ve been able to completely relax and I chanced upon a speed typing test at Mushroom’s blog and I immediately got to it!

Here’s my result!

78 wordsSpeedtest

Wahahaha.. let’s see if you can beat it! Try the short exercise and let me know your score!! 😀 Have fun!

4 responses to “SpeedTest! Time to unwind!”

  1. mushroom Avatar

    78 words!! that’s ultimate fast! well done!

  2. Patricia Avatar

    haha.. mushroom, thanks! but i realised i got better after trying again and again.. i think it’s all in the practice! lol! 😀

  3. Mr Comment Avatar
    Mr Comment

    I got 80 ^^ 😀 slightly better than u 😛

  4. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Mr. Comment,

    Hahaha 80? that’s really cool.. U have fast fingers I must say.. 😉 Mmm.. perhaps I should go and try to beat your score! lol!


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