Things to do today!

I missed out on posting yesterday because I was out the entire day from morning till night! It was a fruitful day yesterday because I went to church and was greatly blessed by the message preached. Calvin and I also embarked on our journey together to explore the Word and certainly, it has strengthen our faith as well as our love for God. This in turn strengthen our love for each other! (thought I shared that because it’s something happy for me! :P)  Anyway, I’m spending time with my dear cousins these two days too.. I haven’t hung out with them for a longg time and yesterday was certainly well spent!

Now, today though I’m going to have fun with my cousins again, it’s important not to forget the daily tasks that I need to accomplish.

1. I need to settle issues with my programmer.

2. I need to blog on my personal blog

3. I need to get my desktop fixed.

4. I have to practice my car parking skills.

5. I need to search for avenues in online marketing. (can’t reveal too much because it’s top secret! :P)

6. I need to brainstorm ideas to make the project better.

That’s about it! 😀 Well, start planning your daily goals to make sure that your day is well-spent!

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