To Upgrade WordPress or Not?

I have trained to manage my time better ever since I attended MMI, which explains my “unusual” frequent blog posting for the past week. I pray that this will develop into a habit and not just die off as it has done before.

So anyway, there has been something staring at me everyday when I log in to my blog account. And it’s this:


Oh boy, I hate it when I see this. I don’t know whether I want to upgrade my current version or just stick with this one. Now, to tell you the truth, I have built hundreds of blogs and I always have the solution whenever something crops up, especially with WordPress. BUT THE ONE THING I HATE IS UPGRADING.

I upgraded once about a year ago and it messed up my entire blog. You can read more here. My categories went missing, so were my tags and everything else was just messy. Thankfully, the blog posts were still there which explains the presence of my blog archive. Now since then, I’ve always hesitated when it comes to blog upgrades. But now, not so much because I always back up my sites before I upgrade. It is still a little troublesome if I have to restore it when the new installation goes wrong.

So now, I’m pondering if I should. I know the new wordpress version is AMAZING  but I don’t know if I can afford the time to do that. Let me know if you think I should (for whatever reason you can come up with)!

Okay, I’m off for dinner now! 🙂

2 responses to “To Upgrade WordPress or Not?”

  1. Lester Lim Avatar
    Lester Lim

    ah.. tricky situation! but if upgrade and ur whole blog is messed up it will take alot of time to reorganise again.. for me maybe i will wait till i have a bit more time perhaps

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Yup! totally agree.. 🙂 So I’m gonna hold onto when I’m free to do it!

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