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Ways To Spend An Anniversary


Ways To Spend An Anniversary

March 8, 2007

Well well, just to share with everyone, the bliss that I’ve been experiencing this entire week… Haha.. Calvin and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary this Friday!

Gosh.. 1 year seems to pretty much fly past before we even know it. It has been 1 year since we both embarked on this journey together as a couple and I must say, we both have grown a lot through this relationship. I no longer was that spoilt brat and egoistic woman.. (though Calvin would still say that I still have those characteristics)… and he’s no longer well, the ‘casanova’ I always thought of him to be. LOL~!

The one-year anniversary for us to celebrate our love for one another and by doing so, it just serves to remind us the reasons why we decided to get together and commit ourselves in the relationship.





Anyway, we were just brainstorming what we can do to celebrate our anniversary and well, we have come up with some ways to well, spend a special day with your loved one.  

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