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Beautiful Bohemian Bags for Sale!!

December 6, 2008

I’m trying to clear stuff from my collection of bags, shoes and clothes and to start this off, I’ve got 2 Bohemian bags which I never really got around using them. Haha.. So instead of letting them collect dust in my cupboard.. it’s better for someone who will utilize them to actually use them.

First is the Black Sequined Bohemian Bag:

It’s a nice and simple bag which can be carried to dinner functions (if you’re dressing in boho) or just when you’re out shopping.

The sequined pattern is really nice and shiny.

It’s in perfect condition (10/10) and I’m selling it at SGD 15 mailed.

The next one is another bohemian bag which is bigger and it’s called Colourful Circles!

The design is really cute because it has circles on both the front and back. Its material is hard rattan like/ straw-like and it’s really durable. Big enough for you to bring out on your trips to the beach, school or even when you’re out shopping!

The design is really unique and in great condition too (10/10). And I’m letting it go at only SGD 22 mailed.

If you’re interested in getting the 2 pieces, do drop me an email here or leave a blog comment stating your interest and I’ll get back to you asap!

If you know anyone who might be interested to get them, do share the link with your friends. ūüėÄ Thanks!

p.s. Prices quoted are only for Singaporean Residents. International web visitors interested, can email me to find out more.


To Donate to the President’s Star Charity or Not?

October 12, 2008

Did you know that the President’s Star Charity Show is on tonight?

Frankly, I didn’t know or maybe, I just didn’t remember.

The President’s Star Charity show has been running for as long as I can remember. In fact, I think it started around the same time as that of the NKF show (remember those shows where you had acrobatic stunts and you watched in amazement and called like mad to donate?)… well, those were the days. But because of the various scandals that evolved around charitable organizations, those days are gone.

Tell me… who on Earth who would want to trust a TV charity show and its causes again? When those who have done it – NKF and Ren Ci, have disappointed the public over the years?

The common response from people who are asked to donate when charity shows are on is, “What for donate to these charity shows because I don’t know who are going to benefit directly from them? I might as well, donate to that homeless and destitute guy who’s begging for money at the train station.”

Sad to say, I have that same mentality. What people and the charities really want is not a charity show that showcases different talents performing and flaunting their beauty and sexiness, (almost) ‘begging’ for donations and just plain wasting resources during the 2-3hours of broadcast.

Rather, we need transparency and accountability in place before we are thrown off with such entertainment which are in the name of a good cause. So what if the most important person in the country paints calligraphy? I need him to show me how the money that I put into this charity show, is being used in every single charity. I know it’s being use to help Charity Organization A, B, C… but how? and what way??

Before the charity show can begin seeing a spike in donations and overwhelming compassionate response from the public to donate during a 3 hour entertainment show, there’s a need to treat people who part with the money like shareholders of these charities – account for what they are being used for, how and well, who’s benefiting directly from it.


But without such transparency and proper accounting in place, nobody’s gonna trust a man or even a monk with a few million dollars.

So before that happens, I’m gonna maintain my stand of donating directly to charities, or donating when there are charity drives (but I’m already not trusting those coupon vouchers thingy.. oh well) or when I see/know a needy person. This way, at least I know that my money’s going into the right person’s pocket and not into someone’s personal bank account.

Maybe you should to.

please do not take offence of my opinions/take on this issue. i respect all those who continue to contribute to charities through mainstream donation drives conducted by the media and thank them for their generosity towards society.


I didn’t regret spending 2++ hours watching F1!

September 28, 2008

You know I thought that to appreciate F1, you need to be a F1 fan and in fact, I thought that you should watch it only when you know the Grand Prix and how it works.

But hey~ I realised I was wrong.

Frankly, I think that tonight’s night race was darn exciting! Even though, I actually felt watching them go round and round the race track boring but frankly, thanks to the camera crew and the amazing ability to actually view the action from the racing cars, they kept me glued to my TV tonight.

I was a little disappointed that Ferrari ‘crashed out’ of the competition when they actually started well with being First Pole (am i right to use that term?).. haha.. Oh well, at least Lewis Hamilton (remember I said, he was the only one i knew as a F1 driver) finished in 3rd position and Mclaren Mercedes actually lead the Constructors table! My my.. the things you learn from watching a 2 hour ++ live commentatory and racing action.

I think that the action was superb and racing has totally taken a whole new meaning for me. I used to think racing = daytona. Now, it’s racing = F1. hahaha.. Daytona step aside, I actually prefer the real life action. EVEN THOUGH, i’m not the one behind the steering wheel.

It’s amazing how these 3 days have gone past and how the night race has ended. Just when I was getting warmed up for the excitement and enthusiasm.

I must say that, F1 brought life to our boring and restless nation. Gone are the days of mindless, brainless evenings of shopping, eating and shopping and eating (sounds like the HK commercial ya?). We’ve got F1 to add to our list of entertaining things to do in Singapore.

Do I regret not buying the tickets to watch F1 this year?

Kinda. I feel that I missed out on the action.

Will I go to watch it next year?

You bet.

So till next year then! Adios for now, F1! ūüėÄ


I wish I was an F1 fan…

September 28, 2008

Why do I wish I was an F1 fan?


Weird.. despite that, I just don’t feel THAT excited after all.

Sure, I was looking forward to the possibility of actually being at the scene where the action is going to be BUT, tickets were sold out before I even decided to get them. What a pity.

Then afterwards, the excitement sort of died down between May and September and probably all the preparation work that was undergoing didn’t take much limelight from the media ONLY until like 2 weeks before the actual race and all things were being finalised?

I feel that the local media did not play up the event as much as I had hoped. As the preliminary race has just ended, I still am clueless as to how F1 really functions as a ‘league’? I definitely know quite a bit more about the EPL as compared to an average female because of the Sports section that devotes weekend and daily sections to reporting about the EPL, Champions League, Soccer Players and their transfers etc.

BUT F1??


Frankly, I think I only got hold of the star Lewis Hamilton and it’s probably cos he’s the ambassador for Tag Heuer and I’ve seen posters of him around.

Oh well, I guess, it’s still not too late to catch the F1 fever, considering that it’d be back next year? Haha.. In the meantime, I’ll try to catch more F1 races telecasted on TV and probably figure out who’s who in the F1 racing world.

Perhaps by next year, Singapore will then have a full-fledged F1 fan base of the entire nation. Not remain as blind followers of F1 like how we are appearing to be.

Personal, TV Appearance

Catch me śěóŚ¶āśô∂ (Lin Rujing) on Channel U!

September 19, 2007

The holidays that I had recently has been awesome and I can’t believe that I’ve accomplished so many things during this period of time. Firstly, I have been featured together with Calvin in the local newspaper, my paper <<śąĎśä•>>¬†which you can read more HERE.

During the holidays we have also accomplished setting up our website, Kanggie¬†which is a social networking site targetting internet marketers, internet marketing enthusiasts¬†and anybody interested to know¬†about how to make money online.¬†We are so thankful that we have¬†set it up right before school started! ūüėÄ

Here’s the other exciting thing, I was actually¬†invited to¬†go onto a local¬†programme on¬†TV called Shoot!. The show will be airing this thursday, 8pm on Singapore Chinese Channel U. t¬†was a whole¬†new experience for both me and Calvin.¬†Though I was¬†really disappointed that we couldn’t¬†go onto the show together, it was still a great experience for the both of us – a¬†closer touch to our ‘stardom’.¬†This touch of stardom came¬†sooner than¬†we expected and we are really thankful for the¬†show producers and the¬†expert¬†panelists for¬†noticing¬†the both¬†of us when we¬†were featured in the newspaper article.

The topic was on Blogging and how blogs are being utilised in many ways. From being an online diary to an informational site to one that was being utilised by aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own businesses. There are many people who are making use of their blogs to sell products and to advertise their services in graphics design etc. For instance, how Calvin and I have made use of the blogs that we have set up to help us market informational products. All these activities that we are involved is called “Internet Marketing”. We are definitely proud that we are made ‘ambassadors’ of this trend that is starting to rise only in Singapore now, though in the US, it is a rather¬†huge industry already.

Anyway, the show was hosted by Dasmond Koh and Quan Yi Fong with Janice Ng on the expert panels. Guests included myself, my friend Chong Tak (who was coincidentally on the show!!!) and star and proud bimbo blogger, Xiaxue and infamous entertainer Steven Lim (which you should read with caution). It was interesting to understand the planning that goes behind the production of an episode of the show. Professionalism was at its peak and I was just amazed at how confident the hosts are on the show and the crew behind the show, who unfortunately can go unnoticed for their efforts..

And something amusing cropped up between Dasmond and Xiaxue’s blogs, which you might want to check out! Well, I must say that Xiaxue’s professionalism was tested at the show and well, I can’t blame the hosts for wanting to stir some controversy on the show with the obvious animosity between Xiaxue and Steven Lim. Frankly, as a 3rd party and fellow guest on the show, I can either choose to think that Steven and Xiaxue were both there to shamelessly gain publicity for themselves as icons or star bloggers or just think that the both of them have really ‘substantial’ points to make about well, themselves. Lol! It’s for you to decide. But anyhow, I think Dasmond’s reply to Xiaxue was aptly done.. (patricia wonders, “but then again, is it just for publicity again?”) ūüėȬ†Watch the show and catch the content of our discussion which revolves around blogs and what people seek to achieve with it.

Well, don’t forget to catch the show, Shoot!¬†on Channel U, this Thursday 20 September 2007 at 8pm! ūüėÄ There’s a re-run at 11.30pm i think! Just in case you can’t catch the earlier one.

Here are a couple of photos which capture the bliss that I felt at the recording day:

Dasmond and Lin Ru Jing      




Me and Dasmond, who I really adored when he was deejaying for 933FM.

Quan Yi Feng and Lin Ru Jing  





Quan Yi Fong, one of the wittiest Chinese hosts that I know in Singapore TV.

Lin Ru Jing and Guest Panelists








That’s Chong Tak! Look how ‘terrified’ i look standing beside ahem.. Steven Lim.

Ng Suan Jee and Lin Ru Jing

Janice, one of the Chinese newcasters on Channel 8. She’s really superb and friendly. Amazingly bilingual too!!!

Calvin and Lin Ru Jing








Lastly, Calvin was with me, supporting me as I made my way through with broken Chinese yet sounding superbly confident (amazingly to me).