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Are You Going To Comex 2009?

September 4, 2009

Basically, I only got wind that Comex 2009 is happening next week! It just comes at a perfect time when I need to get 7 computers, 2 printers and a couple more tech stuff for the new office.


If you still don’t know the event details, here are they are:

Date: 10th to 13th Sep 2009 (4 whole full days of great tech bargains!)
Venue: Suntec City Convention Halls (I really wished they had it at the EXPO cos Suntec is a totally sardine-packed, squeezy-till-cannot-breathe, crowded-till-i-can’t-see-anything venue.)

Sigh.. another round of squeezing with the crowds! I especially hate those people who are just there to “look-see” when there are lots of people who are genuinely and urgently looking to buy something.

MY TOP TIP when going to Comex & IT Show : Have a checklist and know what you want to buy.

Now.. I’m gonna head off to do mine! 😉

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Support the Children’s Cancer Foundation

August 15, 2009

Today I was running my errands around town and as usual, the volunteers and “In-need-of-CIP-hours” students are in the streets asking for donations for the charity of the week. I think there were at least 3 charities running their donation exercise today. There were 2 for the elderly and for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

I personally have a soft spot for the charities that aim to help the elderly and less privileged children. I wish I had more coins with me to drop them into the tins. But I chanced upon the lovely tulips that the CCF was selling and bought one.

CCF particularly has a mission which I think is really noble. Children with cancer are undergoing a really tough period of their lives, where they should actually be having fun and laughing and enjoying themselves. I remember that when I was admitted to the hospital in Primary 2, I got to know a girl who was suffering from the late stages of bone cancer. She was older, 11 years old and she was in pain. Yet, she was still cheerful and sweet. I remember how after chemotherapy, she will be so weak and her hair would fall.  It was something that I, at 8 years old, could comprehend that it wasn’t something she should be going through.

Her family ended up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for her therapy. Without which, she wouldn’t be where she is today. 15 years on, our families still keep in touch and she’s fully recovered now. Her survival was a miracle and was because of God’s grace and her strength was God’s gift to her.

There are many children out there who are in the same plight as Li-Chien was 15 years ago.

If we could just help them in any way – by volunteering in the hospital wards or by donating to their families to help them financially with the medical bills – they can come out of this dark period of their lives, strong and healthy. Children are not meant to endure suffering, so help those who unfortunately are.

Donate to the Children’s Cancer Foundation or any charity which strikes a cord with you and your desire to help the community. It will help them go a longer way.

(Give open-heartedly. Ignore those stories of how some charities that have leaders who enjoyed lavish lifestyles through the use of our money because in the process, we may be denying those needy people of the help that they really need.)


We’re looking for an office space!

August 11, 2009

Earlier this year, we set up our home office where we revamped Calvin’s personal room to become an office. We brought in the tables, computers, office printer etc. We were pretty much self-sufficient in the home office.

Right now, we are searching for a permanent home to house our expanding company. It’s an exciting phase for us and much awaited. 🙂 I think that this is the perfect time to do so because our operations are exceeding our capacity and even after outsourcing a lot of our operations, we still require a lot of local hands-on staff so that it’s easier for us to manage our multiple operations from a single base.

It’s really great to see how our company is evolving and though there are still many unpredictable events ahead of us, it’s always great to forge ahead with our dreams and aspirations.

We’ve currently narrowed down our desired office locations and are on the lookout through the Classifieds sections on the newspaper and online.

We are on the lookout for a few places:

– Tanjong Pagar

– Clarke Quay

– Chinatown

– Toa Payoh

Area required: Between 1000 to 1500 s.f.

We are fine with shophouses/office buildings.

If you know of any ‘lobangs’ or of anyone who may have something good for us, do drop me a comment here! Thanks!


Sing Dollar!, Ion Orchard and National Day Parade

August 8, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates these few days, weeks and even months! I’ve got so many people who have been MSN-ing me, facebook messaging me and almost SMS-ing me, asking why I haven’t updated my blog, asking if I have gone away from Singapore, or I have moved out of the Internet Marketin industry etc. etc.?

Well, firstly, I haven’t been updating my blog because of really lack of time in doing so (I know that’s an excuse) but it’s true. 😀 But being busy is a good thing, u’know?

But I’m here with an update! I’ve got an update of my week, as well as a review of Sing Dollar!

The first week of August has been really eventful and I certainly couldn’t be more thankful for everything that happened this week! I really had a great week because of the many activities that I have filled the week with and also because of the company that I have had the past few days. Yes, I know that my company is Calvin and only Calvin, but it’s weeks like these that make us stronger as a couple as well as business partners.

–> We had tennis lessons as usual. Calvin’s picking up the sport really well and I do know the talent in him. I on the other hand, am still struggling to get those techniques engraved into my head but sometimes, the hands and feet just don’t go in sync with the brain. Haha..

–> We had our regular NLP class with Stuart and basically, we’re really learning a lot more about NLP, its uses both in our personal and regular daily lives but also in our business. But of course, sometimes I do wish that we actually put in more time to revise and practise. 😛

–> Wednesday night was a special night because that was the first time we actually went to a musical together. We went to watch Sing Dollar!, a local musical that starred Selena Tan, Kumar, Hossan Leong, Najip Ali, Sebastian Tan, Emma Yong and Pam Oei. Overall the musical was funny and actually brought up a lot of societal issues like the budding relationships between maids and bangladeshi workers, female China nationals who come here to work as prostitutes, the common Singaporean who complains and gambles.

The musical had a stunning opening which I felt was great and I really enjoyed their opening song, “Money or Lui” (not sure if that’s the title) but well, to me, it was close to perfect. The dazzling lights seem to resemble to twinkle in one’s eyes when they are talking about money. The funny comedic act of Kumar really made the muscial start off on a great note. Probably because what followed was not all that pretty and may come across as being almost offensive (to the very sensitive).

The musical had a relatively coherent plot though I felt that Najip Ali’s ‘Washing song’ (not sure about the title again) was a little redundant and weird. But I loved the mix of the different languages that we have in Singapore – English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, Tamil and even Tagalog. The musical really did reflect the multiracial and cultural landscape that our country has. Sometimes, it made me reflect on how our racial and social harmony was so precious that I find it a pity when others can be so ignorant about it.

The ‘unique Michael Jackson tribute’ found towards the end of the play could have been an individual performance on its own. We thoroughly loved it. I hope that the guys will perform it again one day. Overall, the musical rates well and it’s a pity that today’s the last day of performance. So, folks who haven’t watched it, you missed out on a truly uniquely Singapore musical.

–> Fast forwarding to today, Calvin and I initially wanted to catch UP! but didn’t get the opportunity to do so because of the crowd at Orchard. It’s amazing how the entire city seems to have lighten up during this National Day weekend. I felt as though things were more upbeat, people were coming out to enjoy after having stuck at home to beat the recession by saving up and spending lesser.

We made a trip down to Ion Orchard because we’ve heard so many people talk about it BUT we haven’t seen what’s in there yet. And before I could say “It’s just another shopping mall”, I had to say “Darn, all the brands are found under one”. The mall sports the brands, LongChamp, LV, Dior, Furla, Burberry, MiuMiu, Marc Jacobs, Cartier, Prada, Harry Winston, Larry Jewellery, Anteprima etc. The list goes on.. The brands that I just love looking at their catalogues for inspiration. (I’m sort of a fashion addict you know) I was quite impressed by the interior designs of some of the stores.

We didn’t know that there were 4 basements and we thought we had accomplished the entire mall by the time we reached the 4th floor where Faber Castel is (Yes! The colour pencil brand. LOL.) As we made our way down, we realized there was more hidden in the basement. It was certainly weird to see EVERYONE sprawling in the basement levels. The top levels were pretty empty. The basement was bustling with activity, with lots of stores (where things are much more affordable to the masses) and food all around.

It certainly was a great exploration experience for us. Given that we’ve hardly gone shopping where we walked from the top to the bottom. It was a happy day for me of course. >_< I saw a lot of things that I liked – SGD 1599 Burberry Trench Coat, SGD 580 Burberry Wallet, SGD 540 MiuMiu Wallet, SGD 299 A|X Purple Jacket, SGD 349 A|X Dress, SGD 129 – Springfield White Jacket – but i’ve been doing a lot of NLP training on myself to control my impulse buying. Thankfully I did the swish pattern.

–> National Day Parade’s tomorrow. Happy Birthday Singapore. I really am happy to be a Singaporean because I know how many people wish that they had a country like ours. Our country has emerged to be one of the best cities in the World. There’s low poverty, low mortality rate, great medical care, sanitation, housing… all that so many third world countries wonder if there will ever be a day where they will enjoy such a life. Singaporeans take things for granted. I’m included too. So take this year’s birthday celebration to be a reminder of how blessed we are to be in this country.

Alright, that’s all from me! It’s been a great week and I’m looking forward to an even greater week and month ahead… Hopefully you are too!

Happy birthday Singapore. Be blessed with peace and prosperity.

Enjoy your celebrations everyone!


Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?

April 12, 2009

I just finished watching The Devil Wears Prada shown on TV and I must say, it had a rather predictable plot. The movie circles around materialism, fashion, the high fashion world, riches, brands, office politics etc. It was basically, “if you dig the high fashion world, you’re on your way to the dark side”.

Frankly, i don’t think there’s much wrong with giving high regard to material things. You can look at it in 2 different ways – Material things can either push you harder to achieve financial abundance (and be able to afford that nice car, that big house, that branded bag) or it can make you a slave to society and consumerism.

It’s just a choice you have to make. Whether you are going to become a slave to material things, always seeking to have the most fashionable items at the expense of your savings etc. or whether you will let them be goals to which you strive to achieve. It’s all about the reframing of how you look at it.

Now, do you think that the devil wears Prada? Well, i think if he does, it’s practically a waste on him. Haha.. But actually, I myself do not have an answer.

Well, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Valentino, Balenciaga etc. are just labels to things of high market value. The Devil can choose to wear Prada or any other brand, but we can choose not to follow him just like what Andie did in the end. I’m not saying that you do not choose to purchase branded goods and material things. But like I said, if it becomes an obsession where you become enslaved to material things at the expense of your savings, loved ones and family, then you better rethink whether you are actually following the devil in Prada.

However, if you are the person who is wise in your purchasing decisions and know that you are not just indulging in it for it to be a ticket to the high society, then give yourself a pat on the back and know that you are not at the mercy of devil in Prada.

Okay, back to the movie, on the whole it was a meaningful movie which depicts the transition from student life to working life, which I think iis about company culture, being seen as ‘trendy’ by your colleagues, office politics etc. So if you just want to catch a glimpse of how working life is, amongst gossipy colleagues, colleagues who give high regard to branded materials etc., this will be a movie for you to catch!

With that, i’ll end off this post. Have a gd week ahead!