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Learn How To Get To Know More Friends~

March 5, 2007

Friends is a form of network of social support, making up of people whom you can turn to, whether in times of crisis or simply for fun and entertainment.

Well, we all know the importance of friends and just simply talking with a friend over a cup of coffee, visiting them or even attending an outing with them proves to be good for your overall health.

Friends can help you weather troubled times, when you’re down and lonely. Moreover, they may also encourage you to change unhealthy habits, such as smoking and even advise you when things go wrong in an aspect of your life such as a job loss or even the death of a loved one.


My beloved JC class of CTG 210… Wonderful friends…

Why are friends or groups of friends important? Because they can increase our sense of belonging, purpose and self-worth. They help build up our confidence through the interactions that we have with them and when we actually realise that they accept us for who we are. Often, we do not appreciate our friends for these little things. It’s only when we encounter situations where we feel unwanted and useless, that we fall back on the support, care and love that our friends shower on us.

You don’t necessarily lean on family and friends for support. The mere idea of knowing that they’re there for you can help you avoid unhealthy reactions and to better cope with stressful situations.

If you want to expand your social circle, here are some things you can do:

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How To Deal With Freeloaders

February 20, 2007

Projects, projects… they are never-ending. They exist in schools, in workplaces and corporate organizations. Projects require loads of team work and also assistance by the supervisor. And often, the outcome of a project is determined by the people who make up the team and also the leader.

Well, I’ve got a friend who chat with me on MSN messenger just the other day, complaining about a character that she has in her project group. They are working on a big project which will take 45% of their course grade. And it’s really important that they don’t ‘screw it up’.

Here’s what she said,

“I don’t seem to be able to motivate my fellow group members at all.

Two of them are weird! One of them, hardly makes a point to turn

up for meetings or contribute anything to the project. He doesn’t seem

interested to work on this project together at all. I don’t really know

him well and it’s tough to try to make an effort to make things work.

What do you recommend?”

A form of consolation to her would be, I’ve met people of the same characters before. Thankfully, in different circumstances. Well, these people who don’t turn up or contribute can be termed as the ‘Freeloaders’ – people who take the benefit at the expense of others.

There are a couple of ways to handle the ‘Freeloader’ and they are:

  • Talk to him/her to find out why he can’t make it for the meetings
  • What are his areas of interest related to the project
  • Delegate jobs to him/her and setting deadlines
  • Ask if there are any problems that he/she faces

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