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You’ve Got Mail!

March 7, 2007

Well, thought I’ll share this video with you and I hope that you will have a good laugh just like I did! 😛

Check it out here :

Well, I had classes yesterday and my lecturer showed us this video in class! Well, it’s amazing how people can develop relationships online and also at the same time, it captures how the internet has changed the way we communicate.

Nobody types complete sentences when talking to someone on the internet and the conversation now, is always full of LOL, ROFL, AFK. It will be sooo weird if you actually typed in complete sentences. Well, it loses the informality and also the friendliness that comes with all the haha and the hehe and the many emoticons that we put in our conversation.

There were some things that I learnt about internet relationships and well, I bet they will amuse you too! Here goes..

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