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How To Find People With The Same Interests

March 12, 2007

Just recently, Calvin and I met up with a couple of people who are interested in the same thing as we are – Internet Marketing and it certainly is cool to be able to discuss and share our knowledge with each other. It was definitely a well-spent 3 hours with the group of 6 people!

There were just so many things for us to share and we were talking about Blogging and how it actually plays a huge role in helping us establish a web presence!

Well, if you thought that the 6 people that we met up with are friends of ours, you’re half-correct. These people were people whom we met either on the internet or through our public promotion of our 7 Ways to Earn Money Online System and they share similar interests and beliefs as us. And I realised that no matter what your interests are, you’ll definitely be able to find like-minded people.

When you meet up with these people, it’s almost like an automatic connection. You begin to exchange notes, learn from their experiences, and offer your own experiences in return. And you know what’s best? The support that you can receive from these people can be truly amazing.

Calvin and I found them through offline promotional events and most of the time, through the avenues on the internet. So how do you begin finding people who have the same interests from the comforts of your own home?

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