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What Area of Internet Marketing To Go Into?

December 2, 2008

There was this guy who on Twitter posted a question – “What area of Internet Marketing to work on?”

When I first saw his question, the first answer that came to my mind is Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve always been an ‘advocate’ of Affiliate Marketing… from the time I learnt about it in IMC, was on newspaper publicising it and even went on TV to share more about it… until today when I’m helping with the IM Buzz Creators with their viral software business.

Affiliate Marketing really guarantees higher returns of your efforts in IM. Frankly, I think that most areas of marketing are just enhancements of affiliate marketing. LOL. Did I even make sense with that sentence? Haha..

Now, I think that affiliate marketing’s gonna go onto a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Now that videos are popular on the Internet, you can expect more innovations in the Internet Marketing world. And well, the IM Buzz Creators, together with Venkata (a good friend of Calvin and Jon), are going to start this revolution.


Affiliate Power Videos


Now, the most classic mistake people tend to make in affiliate marketing is not capturing the opt-in leads
first before sending their visitors to the merchant’s website.

So what some smart marketers often do is that they would have their own Squeeze Page for the visitors to opt into their list, before sending them to the website they are an affiliate for.

By why not take this to the next level?

Video Marketing is certainly a way that is not foreign to most internet marketers BUT the problem with it is, the need to create your videos professionally. And not everyone is equipped with the skills of creating a power-packed flash video that will WOW your web visitors.

And even if you could do your own videos, what if you learn that the affiliate program doesn’t convert well
for you after all?

Then, it becomes a wasted attempt.

Now, what the guys have come up with is Affiliate Power Videos which will remove all these barriers.

With APV, you are going to get 10 unique, high-converting Video Squeeze Pages, and 5 new ones every month.

So all you have to do is:

Step 1: join any or all of the listed affiliate programs (free)

Step 2: Upload the video and squeeze pages to your web host

Step 3: Start driving in traffic, build your opt-in list and rake in affiliate sales!

And here’s the BEST BEST BEST part, it’s FREE.

When Calvin first told me about the offer, I was thinking it was ridiculous. Such a site should be a paid memberships site because of what members are going to get.

But well, they certainly have not lost their mind and are genuinely serious about this offer.

So, sign up for your free Silver membership access and don’t delay because you know what a no-brainer this decision is.

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Have You Read My Paper’s Report On Affiliate Marketing ?

July 17, 2007

my paper <<我报>> is Singapore’s first free chinese newspaper designed for bilingual, young adults and MY PAPER aims to present the latest issues in town and around the World. One of their reporters, Yiting, noticed a trend and so, today’s issue, 170707, covers on AFFILIATE MARKETING! This issue covering on Affiliate Marketing, is really special and important to both me and Calvin because we are featured and are sharing our story on Affiliate Marketing with the rest of Singapore.

Click To View The Article!

MyPaper Affiliate Marketing Issue

Yep! That’s us!!! Haha.. I got up at like 6.45am in order to be able to catch the lady who gives out the newspaper at the train station near my home. And I had to plead with her to give me extra copies so that I can share with my friends and family! 😀 It was certainly amusing when she realised that I was the girl in the cover.

In the article (which I’ll summarise for non-chinese language speaking/reading people), Calvin and I talk about affiliate marketing, the potential it holds in creating a huge passive income for us and becoming a full-time job and passion for the both of us. Moreover, in it, we also mention how affiliate marketing though simple, but has a lot of intricate details that you need to know. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, rather it requires a lot of patience, effort and time.

But the basic steps are:

First, you have to figure out what is your niche. You need to know which target market and industry you are promoting to and find products and services related to them.

Second, you need to find an affiliate program which you can promote. This can be done through searching on Google (affiliate programs+ your niche), ClickBank or CommissionJunction.

Third, you need to sign up and register as an affiliate and look at the promotional materials that they provide you.

Fourth, then promote it on your site or blog through the use of promotional materials or sending your friends and subscribers’ list a promotional email, doing a review on the product and promoting it etc.

Well, it may sound easy in 4 steps, but there are many other things that you need to take note of when doing Affiliate Marketing and basically, you can click HERE to find out more!

Affiliate Marketing is a subset of Internet Marketing, if you are wondering what’s the difference and really, it’s a great way and avenue for one to earn passive income but remember, not all programs are online scams and affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme that you can try out.