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10 Ways To Achieve Your Goals

February 28, 2007

We all have goals and resolutions and why is it that often, we don’t seem to be able to achieve them? Well, you have to ask yourself first, whose goals are you setting? Are they yours or are they developed because of other people’s expectations and hopes of you?

If you find the goal dreadful and you experience fear or anxiety, then it’s obviously not what you want! And it’s a goal of someone else. If that’s the case, why are you still hanging on it it? You have to get rid of it because it will just hinder your future successes and progress!

After you have thought of your goals, you need to commit yourself to your goals. And with this 10 steps, you can be sure that you will be more committed and more motivated to work towards your goals!

1. Write them down!

>> Statistics show people who write down their goals have over an 80% success rate of achieving them! Write the goals in your notebook, on the wall, in fact, anywhere! You can even start a goals journal. These goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-limited!

  • Specific: Describe every single detail of the goal
  • Measurable: You have to be able to measure your progress. Be it through charting your improvement to getting someone to examine your progress!
  • Achievable: You will need to set realistic goals and not those that are of your fantasies.
  • Results-Oriented: What’s the point of working towards a goal if you are not expecting anything out of it?
  • Time-limited: Time yourself. Make sure that you don’t procrastinate in achieving your goals.

2. Create a plan of small steps to get you where you want to be.

>> You can do so with timelines where you can chart your progress and also take note of how much you want to progress with each day. Do remember to review your plan monthly to see its effectiveness.

3. Write down your motivating reason(s)/ driving factor for wanting the goal.

>> Write it with such passion, feeling, and energy that it makes it sooo clear why getting the goal is important to you. These reasons will keep you focused on what you want to achieve and also on how much time and effort you are going to put in everyday to achieve the results you want.

4. Create 3 to 5 positive motivating statements that will keep you on track.

>> These motivating statements will excite you and keep you motivated. Always remember to use the present tense! As for me, mine’s “Do or Do Not, There is No Try!” Always repeat these statements to yourself when you are feeling down or demoralised. Because they have to ability to perk you up and energise you!

5. Visualize what it is like to have achieved your goal.

>> By visualizing it, you are living it, tasting it, feeling it, smelling it, seeing it, reveling in it! Think about how you will feel on achieving the goal. How others will think of you and the ability that you have to accomplish more!

6. Start a daily routine.

>> Start each day by reviewing your goals and your progress. Remind yourself of your driving factor and also charge yourself by repeating your motivating statements. Then, picture yourself achieving the goal and finally obtaining it! Make your goal a priority and write down the things you can do in the day to be closer to your goal.
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