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Today I was running my errands around town and as usual, the volunteers and “In-need-of-CIP-hours” students are in the streets asking for donations for the charity of the week. I think there were at least 3 charities running their donation exercise today. There were 2 for the elderly and for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

I personally have a soft spot for the charities that aim to help the elderly and less privileged children. I wish I had more coins with me to drop them into the tins. But I chanced upon the lovely tulips that the CCF was selling and bought one.

CCF particularly has a mission which I think is really noble. Children with cancer are undergoing a really tough period of their lives, where they should actually be having fun and laughing and enjoying themselves. I remember that when I was admitted to the hospital in Primary 2, I got to know a girl who was suffering from the late stages of bone cancer. She was older, 11 years old and she was in pain. Yet, she was still cheerful and sweet. I remember how after chemotherapy, she will be so weak and her hair would fall.  It was something that I, at 8 years old, could comprehend that it wasn’t something she should be going through.

Her family ended up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for her therapy. Without which, she wouldn’t be where she is today. 15 years on, our families still keep in touch and she’s fully recovered now. Her survival was a miracle and was because of God’s grace and her strength was God’s gift to her.

There are many children out there who are in the same plight as Li-Chien was 15 years ago.

If we could just help them in any way – by volunteering in the hospital wards or by donating to their families to help them financially with the medical bills – they can come out of this dark period of their lives, strong and healthy. Children are not meant to endure suffering, so help those who unfortunately are.

Donate to the Children’s Cancer Foundation or any charity which strikes a cord with you and your desire to help the community. It will help them go a longer way.

(Give open-heartedly. Ignore those stories of how some charities that have leaders who enjoyed lavish lifestyles through the use of our money because in the process, we may be denying those needy people of the help that they really need.)

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