The Key To Success is Named Action

January 31, 2008

My favourite food is French Fries or actually, anything to do with potatoes. I love potato soup, potato chips, potato wedges, baked potato, grilled potato, mashed potato, fried potato etc. etc. and well, french fries is my weakness and a disaster to my diet.

So anyway, I’ve always talked to Calvin about random business ideas that I have especially in the F&B industry. And one of them which I mentioned to him some time back included opening a french fries stand that sells pipin’ hot fries at affordable costs and the unique selling point of the stall would be to provide french fries drenched in different types of sauces. I even thought of some – curry, salsa, 4 cheeses, sour cream and onions etc. I told him how I’d want to package it. It’d be like a hotdog stand and fries will be served in cones in bright colours.

I described it with such visualization that I even felt that I’d really want to do it. Calvin knew that’s a cool concept but felt that it might not be as practical as it sounded. But oh well, for me that was just an idea.

But recently, this idea became reality. Not that I set up such a stall, but someone else did. Someone else took the initiative and action to bring this idea to reality! Check it out here! This just goes to show that many people have similar ideas and plans in their lives but some people take action while some don’t. Now, I fully understood every single element of the importance of taking action.

Success is not served on a platter. You may dream and have many ideas that you wish will come true however, if you didn’t take action, your ideas and dreams will not even have the chance to be turned into reality. And success in your life won’t even take place.

Have you taken action today? Taken a step towards your dreams, goals and success?

I hope you have. If not, you’d better start planning and taking action!

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