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Singapore Loses a Talented Comedian, ‘MC King’ Jimmy Nah

January 4, 2008

I’m a person who doesn’t regularly watch the chinese news because well, there’s a bit of an understanding problem. 😛 But one news certainly caught my attention and that was the death of ‘MC King’. He is a local comedian who has been in the local showbiz industry for as long as I can remember.

Members of the entertainment industry such as the reputable local director, Jack Neo appear as shocked as the public at the news. The word ‘sudden’ has been used so frequently in the media reports that I believe that it was beyond their expectations that he departed so early.

This piece of news brought back memories of a friend, Suresh who has passed on for almost 2-3 years. A classmate who was a talented performer and who also departed so suddenly that it caught the entire class by surprise and shocked all of us speechless on a faithful afternoon.

Looking back and hearing today’s news, just affirmed something – certainly, these people will be and have been missed because of the impact they have had on other people’s lives. The impact that they have had on other people is created because of their friendships, their fun, laughter and joy that never failed to brighten other people’s lives. They created this sense of loss.

It’s always good to remember the people around us despite our busy lives and treasuring the relationships that we have with every single person. Because life is unpredictable and you never know when you might lose the chance to ever hold them or speak to them again.

Let ‘maintaining relationships’ be one of your ‘new year resolutions’ today because it’s not too late. Then again, do make sure that your new year resolutions are not made with the knowledge that you’re going to break them pretty much the very next day. 😉


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