What I Did On Shutdown Day!

Haha… As you can see, I’ve been unsuccessful in my attempt to leave the computer for a day. It’s ShutDown Day today. I’m not sure how many of you actually know that it’s ShutDown day today!

I didn’t know until Munir actually blogged about it a couple of weeks back and when I was reminded about the day yesterday on the way home.

At ShutDown Day’s website, I selected the option that I will be avoiding the use of my computer at all cost. That meant, no use of internet, no blogging and no web surfing. Com’on! How was I to know then, that I’ll need this day to research for my Personality and Individual Differences report which is due this coming week!

Well, I don’t know what you did on ShutDown Day but here’s what I did:

  • Logged into the Internet after I got back from school at 12.02am (24/03/07). Oops! I told myself not to log in already but…. I just couldn’t help it… My eyes were glued to the dark screen which told me that I needed to give my laptop life!
  • Went to sleep after surfing the web and updating my blogs… at around 1.40am.
  • Woke up early this morning at 10am and I logged in for my usual ‘cuppa coffee’ -interesting websites with good information
  • Spent the entire afternoon reading interesting articles to search for topics to blog about for my other webbie RelationshipsGuru.com
  • Managed to get my ass up from my chair and left my computer on hibernate mode to go for dinner at 6.30pm
  • Back at home at 8.30pm and started surfin’ eBay for a heart locket that I want sooo badly….
  • Chanced upon the Pirates of the Carribean poster at Listya’s blog and went berserk about the movie’s launch in Singapore on the 24th of May! That’s like exactly 2 more months???
  • FINALLY FOUND THE HEART LOCKET! at Ben’s girlfriend’s blog and requested for a piece… kinda happy with my find.. I pestered him to pass me the piece on monday.. hahaha..
  • Now it’s 12.12am… (24/03/07)… Shut Down Day is officially over for us, Singaporeans..

My attempt to stay offline was completely unsuccessful right from the start! What about yours? Well, if you have just spent the entire day without the Internet and reading my blog post is the first thing you did online, I SALUTE YOU! hee.. 😛

Mmm… I wonder how Munir did.. *gRinz*  

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