What are You Going To Do on ShutDown Day?

It’s going to be ShutDown Day again soon!! 😀 Are you participating in it this year? If you are wondering what is ShutDown Day, well it’s a day where you do not switch on your computer for 24 hours! ShutDown Day was actually founded last year! The idea of Shutdown Day project is simple – just shutdown your computer for one whole day of the year and involve yourself in some other activities: outdoors, nature, sports, fun stuff with friends and family – whatever, just to remind yourself that there still exists a world outside your monitor screen.

I sure didn’t know that ShutDown Day was only initiated last year but it has a “sole purpose of spreading awareness about the pitfalls and dangers that lie in the excessive use of television, computers, and computing equipment like game boxes, cell phones, music players, online social websites, etc. that impinge on social space and interaction amongst our communities”.

In fact, it is meant to get people to think about how their lives have changed with the increasing use of the home computer, and whether or not any good things are being lost because of this.

ShutDown Day

I have personally seen how my life has changed because of the increasing use of the computer, now that I’m involved in Internet Marketing as well as freelance online projects. It has become such a great part of my life that other activities such as exercising and going out for walks have gradually taken lower priority. The computer is meant to be a tool for us to actually use to make life better but not a tool that overtakes our lives.

So now that you know about ShutDown Day, what are you going to do about it?

Last year, Calvin could not spend 24hours away from the computer on ShutDown Day while I managed fine. I think we’ll just have to see about it this year..

But here are a couple of things that I’m going to do on ShutDown Day:

1. Study for my exams coz I have a paper on the 5th

2. Listen to the Radio

3. Cook a good dinner for myself and my loved ones

4. Go swimming/jogging

Haha.. sounds boring right? Well, if you have a better idea of how to commemorate ShutDown Day, let me know! 😀

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