Setting Up An Office Ain’t Easy!

Calvin and I just settled the rental matters with the agent last week. It was basically a meet up with the landlord (but he had to leave, so the son took over) to finalize the rental as well as the terms and conditions. Now, one would think that after settling the rental, payment conditions, downpayment etc. It would be done. But it’s a learning experience for the both of us!

Cos right now, despite having settled the office space rental there are a couple of matters that are pending:

– Setting up the utilities and PUB matters

– Settling the interior design and decorations of the place

– Hunting for office furniture

– Getting the construction of partitions done

– Getting the electrical power points done

– Settling the signboard and logo of the company

– Getting the tender lease agreement done

– Painting the office with a new coat of paint

– Purchasing the pantry electrical items

– Getting the computers and electrical items needed for the office

And all have to be done settled before we leave for a short trip to Australia this september! Not all of them but at least some of them.

We’ll be running a recruitment drive soon! Details will be rolled out closer to the end of September. It’s exciting times ahead!

p.s. I will be revamping my blog pretty soon… stay tuned!

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