Are You Prepared For The Storm?

If you are wondering why Calvin and I are MIA (missing in action), from the looks that our blogs are hardly updated and we just don’t seem to be active online anymore, that’s because we’re getting prepared for A STORM.  

So, are you physically and mentally prepared for the storm that is about to blow your way? Have you taken measures to ensure that you’re the first and not the last?

Because, my recommendation is that you better start getting ready for it.

Well,  this storm that we are preparing for, is brewing fervently and bound to catch everyone by surprise. This storm is called S-Buzz Marketing and it is a new marketing trend that is already rising quickly in the Internet world and very soon, it will cause an explosion in the online marketing scene.

What’s this storm all about?

It’s actually the brainchild of the IM Buzz Creators – Calvin  and his friend from Mauritius, Jonathan and basically, just imagine being able to brand the latest and most useful softwares in the market with your very own affiliate links and distributing and marketing it using viral marketing strategies

Still don’t get it?

Well, in simple terms, that is simply combining the power of software, which is the most downloaded product online with the power of viral or ‘word of mouth’ marketing, a marketing strategy that burst Hotmail and Facebook into the online scene!

I must say that this is something really new, impactful and innovative for any online business and when Calvin  shared with me about it, I know it is set to take viral marketing to a whole new level!

This is really something you would want to take a look at before everyone else does and you can check out this F-R-E-E S-Buzz Marketing report which reveals everything to you:

S-Buzz Report

You’ll probably want to grab a copy NOW, to understand the immense impact that S-Buzz Marketing is going to have in the online marketing industry.

Now, after developing the concept of S-Buzz Marketing, Calvin and Jonathan knew that they needed to help other marketers unleash the full power of it. And they did!  

You really need to check out the IM Buzz Software Membership site that the both of them came up with, which is set to become one of the most powerful membership sites on the planet. 

It is catered to all S-Buzz Marketers by providing, the latest and top-notched Viral Buzz softwares, IM-related eBooks and tons of products at special discounted prices. Members not only stand to earn attractive commissions but also get exclusive JV opportunities which can only bring their online business efforts to greater heights!

And given the current membership status, it’s evident that people are starting to hop unto this bandwagon really quickly!

So what about you? Are you going to be prepared and geared up for this storm that is bound to drive tons of traffic, exposure and profits for your online business?

I know that it’s a great opportunity that you should not miss so do hurry and join us  now together with many others who have already caught hold of this new marketing revelation!

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

I hope to see you join me as a fellow S-Buzz marketer soon! 😉

P.S.: Don’t be the last one to chance in on this new viral phenomenon!

3 responses to “Are You Prepared For The Storm?”

  1. Alex Liu Avatar

    I still don’t quite understand how it works and how is it causing the viral effect. Will be interested to know more!

    Alex Liu
    How To Become A Millionaire

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    S-Buzz Marketing is basically viral marketing through the use of software. Each software is uniquely created for your marketing efforts and when these useful softwares are given away for free to subscribers and your web visitors, there’s a likelihood that they may pass it on and thus, creating more exposure for both you and your business.

    Well, just pop by to IM Buzz Software for a detailed video explanation! 😀


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