Would You Rather Be Rich Or Happy?

Here’s a question for you to ponder. “Would You Rather Be Rich Or Happy?”

Well, this question sparked a debate over at Calvin’s Blog and it’s really cool to see all the comments that are posted by his blog readers on this question.

It had me thinking for awhile especially after attending Johnny Wimbrey’s seminar and it’s important to know what you seek for in life.

But I’m not asking you to choose between or to seek only wealth or happiness. There’s a possibility that they co-exist and in fact, they need each other to co-exist.

As I mentioned in his blog, that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains just why is that so. Well, the Hierarchy of Needs states that each person has different needs – Physiological, Safety, Belongingness, Esteem and Self-Actualisation.

Well, according to the diagram, we need to satisfy the needs found at the bottom because the need is stronger. If it is not fulfilled, your motivation will draw you towards fulfilling it. As such, in order to be happy, we will need to fulfill our basic needs and only then can we start to fulfil our other needs such as status, love, happiness etc.

Being wealthy doesn’t guarantee that it will make you happy but at least, it can guarantee at least your physiological and security needs (characterised by financial stability too) to be fulfilled. And being able to fulfill those needs allow you to achieve needs at higher levels such as social, esteem and self-actualisation needs.

I agree with Calvin that “it’s not really about YOU being happy and YOU being rich.” Others play a part in your life too you know.

So can I be wealthy and happy? Of course!

When you are wealthy and able to fulfill your basic needs, you most probably can fulfill the basic needs of others – your family, friends or even strangers. You can give much more to others and this to me, is happiness. Because when you see others happy, especially your loved ones, you’ll naturally be happy.

Well, I don’t think my post can give you much revelation. So, do hop down to Calvin’s! I’m sure you’ll gain some insights on this issue over there! 😉  

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