Speak With Confidence To An Audience!

I’ve not been blogging regularly because of school work. I have 2 reports and 1 presentation due this week and guess what! I’ve got them all done before the deadline! 🙂

But I have to still prepare for my presentation this Friday and I was just psyching myself up the other day – constantly repeating to myself that I’m such a great speaker! lol~! But even a ‘seasoned’ speaker like myself, does get jittery once in awhile.

But let me tell you why it is so important to hone your speaking skills, especially if you are a real estate agent, insurance agent, sales person etc. It is because presentation and public speaking is one of the most efficient as well as effective manner in making your products and services known.

Believe it or not, fear of death is actually second to the one greatest fear that the majority of humanity seems tensely afraid of: fear of speaking in public.

If fear is all that you are thinking, then forget about that presentation that could earn your company and you the necessary sales.

But why deny your chance to be heard?

Well, if you are challenged to give it a try, I applaud you and here are some tips that I use that I would like to share with you!

1. Visualize

>> If you are still afraid, try your very best to focus on the various positive after effects of making that presentation. Create in your mind the numerous clients, customers and contact persons you might not get to see or be involved with if you let that unnecessary and irrelevant anxiety take hold of you.

2. Be Positive

>> Turn your fear or negative energy into a positive one. Repeat motivational phrases to yourself, such as “I am the best speaker in the world!” It can help to psyche yourself up too.

3. Warm up your body

>>Before giving your presentation, try to stand on only one leg. Then shake the leg that is off the floor. Switch legs and do the same thing again. Hold out your hands, shake them, fast. Put your hands over your head and bring them to your sides. Repeat the same process. Doing this continually will take the tension off your hands and arms so any movements you make with them during your presentation gets to appear natural. Ease the tension present in the muscles of your face. In order to do this what you could do is chew in a manner that is exaggerated. What you are doing are exercises that take the negative energy of anxiety towards the floor and out of your body. It actually works!

4. Relax

>> Do not think too much though as it only adds unnecessary stress. Relax and your audience will relax along with you.

There you go, simple basic steps for you to try out before you make that important presentation of yours! Just picture yourself all happy after making the presentation and your listeners benefiting from what you have shared! With that as your visualized end result, you can be sure, you’ll ace it!

11 responses to “Speak With Confidence To An Audience!”

  1. Fendi Avatar

    I agree in some facts..but in fact some people never have this fear speaking in public. getting used to..

    Wanna exchange links?


  2. Desmond Ng Avatar

    I beg to differ. I am a loud speaker and I enjoy crowds. But my very first stage experience, despite being such a confident and loud person. I still feel a sense of uneasiness due to the overwhelming eyes staring at you, listening and watching your every word and action.

    But its true its all about getting used to. However, I think the Virgin experience will definitely embed even if not a lot, a slight fear in you.

  3. John Avatar

    I guess practice make perfect. It all had to do with the self image you have with yourself. Do you think you have value to share with someone, if it is then I guess we shall not be afraid of speaking to people what we know.

    John Tan

  4. -:-queen pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Everyone!

    Well, speaking to an audience, without a doubt is still a challenge to many people. Even Gurmit Singh (a host of Singapore Idol whom I witnessed hosting LIVE) would psych himself up and still looks very human with sense of urgency and worried look just before he goes on air. Some well, they may be gifted and never have that fear at all.

    But I guess I agree with John that so long as we have something to share and well, the information that we are sharing benefits others (i.e. Sharing with smokers the health dangers that they are putting themselves in). And once we have that precise reason that we want to help others, we should always let our fears be secondary and just be confident in relaying our message.

    Have you got a tip to share about speaking in public or in front of a large audience? Do share here okie! Coz you never know if someone who reads this blog post can do with a tip or two. 🙂

  5. ivan Avatar

    hey Pat..

    yeah… public speaking is like one of the most feared thing that human beings fear… ha and i woder how adam khoo does it… he isn’t a outspoken person but when he goes on stage.. he transformed himself into a talking machine. Talking with so much energy and live. He’s amazing.. we should all strive to be like him one fine day.


  6. -:-queen pat-:- Avatar

    Hey Ivan! Yep, Adam Khoo is certainly someone to model after. Well, he always psyches himself before his presentations and he’s always in his peak performing state. I’m sure if he can do it, we can do it too! Haha.. Belief of possibility! 😉

  7. Calvin Avatar

    Haha yes, Adam on and off stage is completely different. And as mentioned, he has the ability to put himself into a peak performing state instantly.

    I believe noone is born a speaker. Myself included. I can still remember how I used to stutter in front of class presentations. But after reading Adam’s Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny, I’ve learnt the secret of peak performance and modelling.

    Really powerful, I must admit. I was NEVER a confident speaker. But using Adam’s techniques laid out in his book, I dare say I’ve since improved tremendously. Not saying I’m good, but nonetheless I’m constantly improving.

    Which is why I’m extremely excited for the Art of Influence that is to be conducted by Johnny Wimbrey in May! Certainly an excellent opportunity for one to pick up one of the most useful skills towards success!

  8. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    hey dear.. well, all i can say is, you will achieve what you believe you can achieve! It’s good that we have role models and we learn from them. But ultimately, the decision as to whether we become like or better than them is up to us! Well, I have to admit that Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny is a great book for those who are looking for direction in their lives! So go read it! 😉

  9. Moonaire Avatar

    I’m a magician, and I perform tricks to people, both friends and strangers. Here’s the thing. I have a group of friends whom I’m very comfortable with (my poly friends). We joke all the time, and we hang out.

    Here’s the interesting thing: Sometimes when I perform a card trick to them, I did it smoothly and confidently. Sometimes when I perform the SAME trick, my hands were shaking.

    The difference? Well, when I practised the trick prior to showing them, I did it well. When doing it without any prior practice, it didn’t went well. This is true even for the tricks that I know by heart. I know how to perform the trick, but the difference was I wasn’t _prepared_ to show the trick in the latter circumstance.

    Same principle can be applied in presentations I guess. I find that I stutter more when using cue cards, so I don’t use them, and simply know the topic in-and-out and just present. I do get the jitters before presenting, but once I step in front of the class, if I’m prepared, the jitters disappears.

  10. Calvin Avatar

    Good point about being prepared.

    Yeah I also don’t use cue cards bcos I know that without having cue cards to rely on will force me to really be prepared for my presentations.

    Knowing that you’re well prepared will also boost ur confidence. This coupled with visualization will certainly help in improving one’s presentation skills. 😉

  11. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Moonaire
    Thanks for sharing your experience and I believe that performing or presenting in front of an audience do require us to be in tip top condition and just wanting to share with people what we want them to see or know!

    Well, the use of cue cards is still debateable but you know what, I don’t use cue cards too! It just makes me feel unsure of what to say and I get even more nervous. That’s why.

    Calvin’s suggestion of coupling preparation with visualisation is definitely a great thing to do. Just picturing yourself successfully doing your presentation or performance will boost your morale and esteem in a way as though you have already finished doing so!

    Thanks for sharing guys. I hope my blog readers may be able to benefit from the tips given! 😉

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